All I Want for Christmas is…

Also known as: The Christmas 2011 wish list

I know, I know — I just finished my Europe series and my next post is immediately about a wish list. It doesn’t seem right — I apologize. But December is upon us, and people were starting to ask about this. So! In the spirit of giving and asking, here is my Christmas 2011 wish list!

The Extremely Expensive List, a.k.a. “Just Keep Dreaming!” List

  • 13″ MacBook Air
    My beloved MacBook, Aslan, is already close to retiring. Or, okay, not exactly closesince it still works pretty well, but I’ve been thinking of upgrading my MacBook so I can really use it more. I never thought I would want a MacBook Air, but now…I do. Haha. Plus, it’s lighter, so it would be easier to bring around, especially when I have to do some writing outside.I’d like the one with 256GB flash storage, please. :)
  • Kindle Touch
    Because…well, it’s pretty. And…that’s basically it. If I get this, I’m selling my old Kindle. Any takers, just in case? :P
  • 32GB White iPhone 4s
    Because I’m an Apple fangirl, and I’ve been lusting over an iPhone for a while. Not a necessity but it’s pretty. Useful. I think.

The More Reasonable a.k.a. Affordable List

  • This Starbucks tumbler((I almost spelled this as “tumblr”. Heh))
    This is a reusable tumbler. Promise :D

    I’ve been eying this since Starbucks came out with this, and I thought it looks really, really nice. I like how it looks like a disposable tumbler but it’s really not. Plus, with the amount of Starbucks drinks I consume, I should really get one of this so I can save the environment and get Php 5 off on my drinks.

  • Any of these rain shoes from Ready for Rain.
    I’m a commuter, and rain shoes are a must. Especially since I live in a tropical country where it rains half the year. And I really hate getting my feet wet. :/ I’m a size 6 in Skimmers, size 7 in the booties. :)

    Alexis Plueys
    Darling rain booties

    Vicki rain flats
  • Corporate looking rain jacket.
    Like I said, I live in a tropical country that rains half the time, and wearing a hoodie doesn’t really work for the office. A nice, dark jacket that works for both rain and cold that looks okay in the office would be nice. Unfortunately I don’t have a photo yet. Wait till I get window shopping. :)
  • New flip flops
    I just realized the flip flops I’m using now is more than five years old. Amazing how it’s lasted so long, but a new one would be nice, right? :)
  • 1 year web hosting renewal at Dreamhost
    Because I’m due for a renewal, and if you want to sponsor my renewal, then please? :)
  • Clothes!
    Okay, asking for clothes isn’t really easy, so GCs would do. But then I think it’s more reasonable to ask for…
  • Accessories
    Necklaces, bracelets, earrings, belts, what-have-you’s. I need ’em. :)
  • Notebooks, journals, pens
    I still squee over them, you know :)
  • Contact lens fluid.
    I’m serious about this.

    My favorite lens fluid
  • Clinique Perfectly Real Foundation, Shade 24
    I must agree with everyone who’s said that Clinique has the perfect foundation. I got mine in Sephora in Madrid, and I love it.
  • Snail mail.
    Because. Well, do I even have to explain?

Books a.k.a. The Easiest Thing to Get Me for Christmas List

Etcetera a.k.a. Everything Else List

  • Anything with sunflowers and/or stars
  • Dates. And not (just) the romantic kind, but you know, dates with friends, dinners, coffee, reunions, etc. Christmas is the time to get together again, yes? And it’s always nice to catch up before the year ends. :)
  • Surprise me. Seriously. :)

I find that as I get older the things on my wish list gets…smaller. Not necessarily cheaper, but you know, just a shorter list compared to the previous ones. Ah well, I figure that’s because sometimes I end up getting things for myself already instead of waiting for them to be gifted.

What’s on your Christmas wish list? :)



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  1. Great Christmas wishlist! I do hope you get those. But if you don’t, then you still have 12 months next year ;)

    I did not have the chance to thank you for dropping a comment in my blog a few weeks ago. It’s good to hear from a fellow Switchfoot fan. :D

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