Date a Girl Who Reads

Also known as: Some highlights on an article I read about dating a girl who reads

Allow me to boost my ego for a moment.

I came across a particularly nice quote from her blog about girls who read. I thought it was from a  book, so I just noted the entry for future reference. Then, I saw it posted on another blog, and I realized that it was actually from a blog, not a book! Oh yay!

Granted, the article, You Should Date an Illiterate Girl by Charles Warnke is not the fairest of reads. While most of my friends are readers (not as big as I am, but still), I also have some really good girl friends who aren’t really inclined to books. There are those kinds of people, but I don’t think they are illiterate, so I don’t agree with the article 100%. However, as a reader, I thought it was…well, lovely. Yes, I am biased, but it’s just something that raised my spirits — and if you know me in real life, or you’ve been following my blogs for a while, you’d know why.

I especially loved this part:

Date a girl who doesn’t read because the girl who reads knows the importance of plot. She can trace out the demarcations of a prologue and the sharp ridges of a climax. She feels them in her skin. The girl who reads will be patient with an intermission and expedite a denouement. But of all things, the girl who reads knows most the ineluctable significance of an end. She is comfortable with them. She has bid farewell to a thousand heroes with only a twinge of sadness.

And this (edited, and emphasis mine):

Don’t date a girl who reads because girls who read are the storytellers… The girl who reads has spun out the account of her life and it is bursting with meaning. She insists that her narratives are rich, her supporting cast colorful, and her typeface bold.

And finally:

You, the girl who reads, make me want to be everything that I am not. But I am weak and I will fail you, because you have dreamed, properly, of someone who is better than I am. You will not accept the life that I told of at the beginning of this piece. You will accept nothing less than passion, and perfection, and a life worthy of being storied.


So. READ IT. And if you are also a girl who reads — cheers. :)

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