I mean to post

Also known as: Excuses, excuses on the non-post

I meant to post, really. But lately I’ve been busy doing the following:


And also:

Reading. And blogging about reading.
Reading. And blogging about reading.

And finally:

Trying to get rid of my asthma.
Asthma. Again.

So…there. I’ve been stuck at home the past four weekends with an occasional movie, work stuff and all, but I’m still stuck at home, and frankly, I’m getting tired of being stuck at home. I hope I get better this week because this asthma is really annoying and stressful and who wants that, right? I will beat this asthma. I will.

So excuse the non-post. I promise to post sometime soon, lemme gather my wits and thoughts. In the meantime, how are you guys? :)

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