Achieving Weeknights

Also known as: Weeknights are better with friends.

Achieving weeknights

Weeknights are always times when I would rather go home and sleep, where I would rather go to the gym then go home and rest and read and just get ready for the next day, counting the hours until the weekend comes and I get to see them in a proper time.

But there are other times when weeknights become a bit more special, when I break out of routine and my way and meet up with some of the most awesome people I know. Most of them are friends I met from different walks of life who just happened to meet together at one place and end up having dinner together. Friends of friends are a good combination based on experience, and it’s really cool when these people merge and  become good friends like you are with them too (and it’s also cool when they bring their own friends who become a part of the group eventually!). :D

So here’s to weeknights that ACHIEVE. :)

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