Random Adventures

This will be short, because there’s really nothing I can write here right now — nothing that isn’t too personal even for a personal blog, anyway. Let me tell you a story, instead!

Last December, my friend sent me a message asking for my full name and birthday. Thinking it was for some record in our church community, I gave it to her, and promptly forgot about it because I was a bit busy preparing for a wedding the following day. Hours later, I was walking around the mall when I got a series of Facebook messages. I ignored it, since I was still quite busy. When I got home, I started doing my nails for the said wedding when I finally checked my Facebook inbox. I read the message, and read it again to make sure:


Followed by our flight details. And other things.

Surprise! Would you look at that.

And so a couple of months later, it’s the night before my first out of the country trip since Europe, my plane ride since Boracay last year, and my first trip this year. It’s a little sudden, yes, and normally those things get me cranky, but if I am overdue for another trip. Make that a mission trip, because we’re really off to do some community stuff there, so that’s a plus! God knows how much I need to clear my mind right now.

So when a friend books you a flight and you know you can make it, then by all means, GO. We all need random adventures every now and then. I did say February is going be great, yes? :)

Image from we heart it
Image from we heart it

See you all next week, friends!

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