See you next year, January

Would you look at that, it’s the end of January.

I usually feel sad whenever January is ending because it means one thing to me: the freshness of the New Year is really and truly over. I wrote about it a few years ago, and I feel that there’s a special kind of despair that hits me at this time of the year because I often feel that I haven’t done much progress with what I set out to do in the year. Then I cheer up because the end of January means that I’m closer to my birthday.

I don’t know if I’m just feeling optimistic now, but I actually feel okay with January ending. This month was actually good, despite the times when I was hit with quarter-life crisis and some asthma. Maybe this is me growing up? Maybe this is choosing to be happy? Or maybe it’s because February’s going to be busy, and there’s so many things to look forward to in the following weeks, so why not get it started as soon as possible, right?

Momentum. I thought about that earlier, while I was thinking of something to post. It feels like the steps I took in the past month is some way of building momentum for the rest of the year. I’m not the kind of person who takes huge steps or bounds just like that, but I’d like to believe I’m the kind of person who takes a little while to build momentum. If I take too long, I would end up not doing it, so I’m trying to not fall into that trap. I’d like to believe that this year, I’m building the right momentum1 to get to a strong finish by the time 2013 ends.

And then we start all over again.

Look at me, thinking of the end of 2013 at the end of the first month of the year. One day at a time, Tina.

So, January is ending in my timezone in a couple of hours, and I’d like to say thanks. It may be shallow of me to do that, but I’ve learned that you can never be too grateful over the things that happen in your life everyday. So thanks, January. :)

I’ve got a busy February coming up, but I don’t mind. I have a feeling it’s going to be a very, very exciting month ahead. :)

* * *

So I thought I’d do something different for a change, at the end of each month. Or at least, at the last blog entry I make every month this year. I hop around blogs a lot, and tweet and post so many things on my Facebook about blog posts that strike me and help me gain new insight or feel better about some things as I go on this journey. I figure other people may need to read these, too, so I’ll be posting a collection of links every end of the month for these posts/articles here. Sharing is caring, yes? :)

  • The Fear of Living a Better Story (Prodigal Magazine)

    Allow yourself to rid your life of the things that hold you back, that frighten you into submission, and instead, breathe life into your days and capture and live the story you feel rustling around in your bones.Fear is the enemy of your story. Live as though you are free. Because you are.

  • On Skinny Jeans, Daughters and Singleness (Lisa-Jo Baker – Tales from a Gypsy Mama)

    He doesn’t tell me how to feel when other people start dating and I don’t. He doesn’t give me a how to guide to keep me safe from failing in big and small ways.

    But He names me His.

  • All This Drew Me In (Prodigal Magazine)

    I don’t want to be a drain on the people in my life, whether friend or family, acquaintance or stranger. I want to be the light beckoning people closer, even if just a brief interaction. To be a blessing instead of a curse, to infuse hope instead of frustration.

  • For when it isn’t time yet (the wild love)

    Just because the dream you dream hasn’t come true yet, doesn’t mean it doesn’t live and roar inside you. Just because you must walk through the many years of not knowing how it will come true doesn’t mean that you were wrong about it. It just means that now is the time for your silence.

    It just means that now is the time for the thunder to be hidden within you.

  • When Love Doesn’t Feel Normal (Allison Vesterfelt)

    But just because they’re hard doesn’t mean they’re not right. Just because they’re tough doesn’t mean they’re not beautiful.

  • Notes from a High Achiever: It’s Okay to Fail Sometimes (Single Roots)

    And so I’ve been coming to terms with the fact that I can fail and the world won’t end. It’s been a difficult lesson to learn because I’ve always been a high achiever. I’ve grown so used to trying and succeeding that part of my identity has gotten tangled up in my achievements. But I’m learning that wrapping myself up tightly and refusing to try for fear of failing is actually worse than trying and occasionally screwing up.


  1. Did I get my Physics term right? :D []

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