Beach bound

Photo from Our Awesome Planet
Photo from Our Awesome Planet

Someone’s excited. :)

I can’t help it! We’re hitting Coron in a few days and I am just super excited. This is like the beach trip of the year — four days of sun, sand and water, and I don’t care if it’s really, really cold in the country right now. :P

I can’t wait to see that (see picture up there) beauty up close. :D And swim in their waters. With life vests, of course. We don’t want any travel emergency, don’t we?

Of course, this trip will probably be the most expensive trip I’ve done this year that I pulled out of my own pocket, but I think it’s well-deserved. After everything that happened this year, especially during the latter part of the year, I think we deserve a treat like this. :) (Ironically, we booked our tickets for this trip the morning before we got flooded…is that a sign or what?)

I will definitely blog about this after the trip, and post loads of pictures and details about our trip in case others want to go to Coron too. In the meantime, I’ve got to shop and prepare for this trip!

BUT WAIT! Because I can afford this trip, it also means I can afford to help other people out this December. I’ll post more about that tomorrow here. :D