Blogging Leave

I know, I know, I’ve been a very delinquent blogger lately, it’s not funny. My only excuse is that I’m very busy at work…and I’ve got a lot of things on my mind. Like…work. And all the other stuff that comes with it, like extracurricular activities, and projects and stuff. Eeeh. Hello, am I a workaholic? Eep. Plus the fact there’s nothing really interesting to write about now, because all I am busy about is…work.

Gah. I need a break.

Ironically, I took a break yesterday by watching a movie and going to Timezone and shopping with some of my college friends…and we all talked about our own work. Ack, it just doesn’t end! Why can’t we talk about something else…like HDMI switches? Or okay, maybe not, because why the heck would we be talking about that? Anyway.

Tomorrow…I mean today (since it’s already 12:45 am), I need to shop for a dress for an upcoming wedding. I plan to go out and get something since I didn’t get to buy a top yesterday, as well as get the wedding gift bought already. I’m torn between shopping by myself and shopping with someone. I like to shop with someone as it’s excellent bonding time, but sometimes it’s tiring, especially when there’s so many people. It’s also quite tiring shopping by myself because sometimes I don’t trust my taste. Eh. This is what happens when you hate to shop when you were young. >_>

But I need to find something to wear for that wedding…else I’ll end up wearing something I usually wear to work. That’s not good. Plus I want to buy white shoes too, since my shoes are just about to break.

So I guess I will go out tomorrow. I mean, later. MUST. GO. OUT. I’m going to end up using my new credit card (hereby named Lizzie) because I haven’t paid for Sylvia‘s bill and I need to save cash. >_> And if I’m going shopping tomorrow, I should start my mantra already: I’m gonna find something nice that fits, I’m going to find something nice that fits…

Wait, that’s not my mantra.

I am beautiful the way I am, and I will find something that looks really great.  I am beautiful the way I am, and I will find something that looks really great. 

Ooookay. That should cover my semi-blog leave…by rambling. I really should sleep.