Brooke Fraser arrived at my doorstep, twice

First off…INTERNET! I HAS IT! PLDT has been acting up for the past days, and I’ve been forced to sleep early because of it. Hee.

Anyway, since it’s almost my bedtime, I’ll drop by for a quick entry because the second part of an awaited package just arrived today. :D A few weeks ago I ordered some CDs online, including Dave Barnes’ Me and You and the World (which should have arrived at my friend’s aunt’s place now, and will be physically here by mid-May). After ordering that, I was talking to my friend who was ordering some stuff online too, and she mentioned ordering a particular artist’s album. Her CDs are waaay too expensive at Amazon, so I checked the one that her official site is endorsing, and saw it was cheaper there. And it accepts Paypal! And it ships to the Philippines! Whopee!

After a few weeks of waiting (and worrying if the second part of the package would ever arrive here)…it is finally here! Brooke Fraser finally arrived at my doorstep!

Brooke Fraser CDs Brooke Fraser’s albums are miiine!

YAY! They aren’t my first original CDs (my first was Jennifer Knapp’s Lay it Down) and they’re not really the first CDs bought overseas (it was Hillsong’s Mighty to Save)…but these are the first CDs I ordered with my own money online. :D This is hard to find here and is really expensive in Amazon (around $30 per CD! GASP!). Buying it from Sanity is a great deal, plus it shipped all the way to my house! :D

I’ve listened to Brooke’s songs a thousand times already, but I love the fact that I have her CDs now. :) I’ll try to post a review of her albums soon — in the best way that I can, don’t expect too much. :P

I know this is weird, but it feels so nice to be able to support the artists I love. :) I started with Switchfoot and Jon Foreman (I bought all his 3 EPs a few weeks back), now with Dave Barnes and Brooke Fraser. :) Give me time, I’ll get to buy the albums of all the artists I love; even if it’s only through iTunes.

If you really love the artist, support them! It’s really no different than supporting a charity or an event or drug rehabilitation. What’s cool is that when you finally get to meet the artist, you have something for them to sign, which they would really appreciate you having. And of course, they’d have the funds to continue making the music that we love. Win-win, yes? :)

5 thoughts on “Brooke Fraser arrived at my doorstep, twice”

  1. I used to buy original cds of my favorite artists too. But since the day, my mom bought us an iPod I never opened the cds anymore. I just have them ripped and save into my iTunes library. It would be great if iTunes would be opening its doors to us so I can finally buy legit mp3 and even videos at an affordable price.

  2. JERIC: I do that as well. Sometimes I even re-rip it into my computer just so I can tell myself I have the original copy. :D It’s just nice to own actual records of the artist. :) And I agree with the iTunes thing; although I know there’s a way to get songs there, I wish it would be easier for us to do so. :)

  3. I like the two songs I have of Brooke Fraser’s. Haha, I really should get her cd too.

    Hey, if you there’s anything else you want to buy from here, tell me! I’ll be coming home in July and I could buy those for you, so you won’t have to pay for shipping anymore. :)

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