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Thursday Thirteen # 2: Books, books and more books

It’s Thursday again! It’s time for Thursday Thirteen! And what’s funny is because the protagonist of the book I’m reading right now (Something Rotten by Jasper Fforde) is also named Thursday. :) And because I’m on a book reading mode for the past week, today’s Thursday Thirteen is…

Thursday Thirteen # 2 - August 17, 2006

Thirteen Fiction Books I Wouldn’t Mind Reading Over and Over Again and You Should Get Your Hands on Them Too (whew, what a title!) With Amazon links so you know what books I’m talking about. ;p Oh yeah, in no particular order. :)

  1. This Present Darkness by Frank E. Peretti. Probably my most favorite book ever. I don’t exactly read it once a month, but every time I read it, even if I know the story already, I still get the thrill that I feel when I’m reading new books. And I absolutely love the characters, and everytime I end this book, I feel like I’m saying goodbye to friends.
  2. Piercing the Darkness by Frank E. Peretti. This is the sequel of the This Present Darkness and this is just as captivating as the first book is. The old characters made reappearances and because I love them so, this novel tops my list too. :)
  3. Stargirl by Jerry Spinelli. I can’t decide if this book is sad or not, but the ending quite saddened me. I love it (the ending) though because it left me hanging, and I like endings like that. There’s some sort of magical air in the story that made me feel captivated with Stargirl as well.
  4. Flipped by Wendelin Van Draanen. I bought this the same day I bought Stargirl and I have no idea what the story is but I liked what was written at the back. This is a really funny he-says/she-says book about love, likes, family and knowing who you really are. :) I loved every bit of this book, and even if I think I am outgrowing this, I’ll always have this is in my “favorite books shelf”. :)
  5. Invisible Lissa by Natalie Honeycutt. I got this at one at some Booksale somewhere and it’s actually a kids book, about Lissa being alienated by everyone in her class because she just said something that annoyed the most popular girl in school. I like how Lissa tried to endure the entire situation
  6. Thr3e by Ted Dekker. I actually haven’t read this book more than once, but this is certainly up my favorite books list. If I wasn’t saving up ((saving up – means I read it slowly because I don’t want to finish it too fast. :p)) this book, I would’ve read it within the night even if it would’ve cost me some sleep. :P One of the BEST thriller ever. :)
  7. Anne of Green Gables by L.M. Montgomery. This is one of the first classics I’ve loved. :) Anne feels such like a colorful soul that I can’t help but indulge in any of her books once in a while to add some color to mine. :)
  8. Eating Fire and Drinking Water by Arlene J. Chai. I love this book because it’s set in the Philippines and Ms. Chai has such an amazing way of connecting all the events with everyone involved in the story. And Luis Bayani is a character to watch out for. :)
  9. Dreaming in Black and White by Laura Jensen Walker. This book is a new favorite because I can relate to the main character even if she is already in her 30’s. This is the first Christian chicklit book I read and it was a breath of fresh air because it’s a “clean” chicklit. :) You’d have to read it to get what I mean.
  10. Are You There God? It’s Me, Margaret by Judy Blume. I love how Ms. Blume made Margaret’s struggle with peer pressure and growing up and knowing God connected with Margaret’s faith. Sometimes I want to bonk Margaret on the head while reading this, but I also can’t help but like her character as she eventually finds her way to God. :) Oh yeah, this is not a religious or a Christian book, despite the title.
  11. A Little Princess by Frances Hodgson Burnett. The first classic I really loved. :) I loved this because of the cartoon series they used to show here (a Japanese animation adaptation of the novel that was surely a lot longer than the original novel) and this is probably the first “thick” book I finished. :D
  12. Second Helpings by Megan McCafferty. I like this book better than its prequel because of the entire idea of Marcus Flutie and all. The first book left me hanging and this book wraps the entire story quite nicely.
  13. Something Rotten by Jasper Fforde. I’m not yet done with this but I just finished this earlier and I love it to pieces already. Love love love it! :) It’s like Nancy Drew meets Hercule Poirot (from Agatha Christie novels) in an alternate universe. :D I aim to get all of Mr. Fforde’s books this year. :P Haha!

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Thursday Thirteen # 1: Things I miss in college

There are so many fun things to do for blogs, don’t you think? :) Thursday Thirteen, you sound interesting! I’m going to try you now. :)

I’ve been going down to memory lane lately and I’ve been feeling nostalgic and all…so here’s Thirteen Things I miss from college (in no particular order), my first Thursday Thirteen. :)

  1. My dorm. It may not be as glamorous or as nice as living in any of the condos near school, but my dorm was home. My first room was not just a living space but a party area because of all the visitors we have, and my second room was a place away from all the madness there is inside school. :) Ah, fun times. My dorm’s being torn down now though, because it’s going to be renovated. So sad. :(
  2. Planet Gokongwei. For those who don’t know, Planet Gokongwei is Gokongwei building, which is my College of Computer Studies’ building in DLSU. It’s called “Planet” because it’s far away from the main buildings. :D Gox may have been too far away from the main buildings or may be too hot or too crowded or whatever, but Gokongwei is still home. :)
  3. The YFC Tambayan. This is the place where most of the people from my college “org” (I used quotes because I don’t think of CFC Youth for Christ as an organization but as a community) hangs out. My place of solitude when things in Gox get too mad. Of course, it’s not exactly quiet if you think of solitude that way. In the YFC Tambayan, I can be forget about my academic worries and be with my friends who also seek the face of God. :)
  4. And speaking of which…I miss my IST block. I miss our classes, our miss the times we have food trips (that was usually before Ms. Lilet’s classes, right?), our random Y!M chats, our thesis woes, lunches and dinners and all that. I miss you aaaallll.
  5. The Pearl of the Great Price Chapel. This is the place where I know I’d find God for sure. If ever I needed some peace and quiet and some spiritual consolation and can’t find it because the place around me is so cluttered and noisy, this is the sure place I’d go to.
  6. Aithne, Janine and Ynna, my first roommates. We still haven’t got the chance to eat that bucket meal together! Man, we should should should do that, like soon! These girls made being stressed fun. All nighters galore. :)
  7. Ann, Aya, Jamie and Katz, my second roommates. My younger sisters. :) You guys made being “ate” feel tons nicer. I loved treating you guys for Cello’s and I love having food trips with you guys. I miss you!
  8. The Ampitheater. If ever I’m in need for a breath of fresh air, the ampitheater is the first place I’d go to. The place to hang out, to talk, to watch concerts in and to have households when there’s no place to go to — that’s the ampitheater!
  9. And again, speaking of which…my YFC Docu household! I miss being a mommy to all of you guys and our bi-monthly household gatherings. I seriously didn’t mind texting you all for whatever YFC activity we have. I promise to have a reunion and to treat you guys to dinner or something when I get a job!
  10. The Happy Veggie Girls: Bea, Tuesday and Happy. These girls are the ones who I knew I could run to immediately for anything that comes up into my life. I hope that thing on the 18th works out. :)
  11. Animo Canteen’s burritos, mojos, ham and french toast and melon juice. They’re not the cheapest food on campus, but they sure are yummy and easy to buy when I’m at the tambayan. :) Oh yeah, I don’t recommend eating them all together. ;)
  12. SPS Canteen’s soft ice cream. For Php25.00, I can get a cup of soft vanilla ice cream mixed with another flavor and topped with either chocolate or caramel syrup. :) My personal favorite is strawberry-vanilla topped with chocolate syrup. Yum!
  13. Having classes. I miss the general idea of having classes. Of having something definite to do everyday. Of having something to finish every week, every term. I even miss the stress of projects and exams, and the joy (and sometimes sorrow) of receiving the grades. I just miss being a student. *sigh*

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Challenge # 1: The First Time

[Note: See related post!]
And here’s my very first challenge from Mr. Ganns Deen. :)

I challenge you to blog about the first time you shared the Good News of Jesus Christ with someone and s/he accepted Him into her/his life.

I guess I’d talk about my first youth camp ever, since it was the first time I served in YFC and the first time I actually started to evangelize. That was about 6 years ago! Wow! Anyway that camp was actually quite memorable; besides being my first time to serve in a YFC camp, there were also a lot of, say, some sort of supernatural happenings there as well.

Anyway, in YFC Camps, the participants are divided into discussion groups where they would be able to discuss amongst themselves the contents of the talk. These groups are facilitated by one to two discussion group leaders, who initiates the discussions and who makes sure the participants are all well throughout the camp. The discussion group would be able to clear some issues for the participants, if they have any, and would act as a “barkada” for them inside the camp. These discussion groups are the most important part of the camp because it is the direct line of the participants to God during the camp.

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Getting to Know You

I love blogging when I have a new layout. Haha. It has come to my attention that this layout is very girly. Then again, I’m a girl, so what the heck. :P

Anyway, this little survey thing is from Ganns who got it from Ate Toni. This seems like fun and it would get the monotony out of my current everyday existence (wow, that sounds so deep :p). So to put more interaction and more interesting posts in, I’ll have it here too (and mark it as a favorite (see sidebar) so it will always be accessible. :)

First, using the Comments section:
1. Write something random about me.
2. Challenge me to try something.
3. Pick a color that you associate with me.
4. Write something you like about me.
5. Share your first/clearest memory of me.
6. Tell me what animal I remind you of.

And then, also using the Comments section:
1. I’ll respond with something random about you.
2. I’ll challenge you to try something.
3. I’ll pick a color that I associate with you.
4. I’ll tell you something I like about you.
5. I’ll tell you my first/clearest memory of you.
6. I’ll tell you what animal you remind me of.

And like Ganns, please don’t post challenges that would make me go against my faith or would do other people harm. :)

So let ‘er rip! :)

Some lessons I've learned from the past months

Reflecting on the past week made me realize that there seems to be a “flavor of the moment” for whatever God is teaching me. Let’s make a list to see what they were:

  • Having faith and claiming what God has promised. Thesis times! Around January to March, it’s all about believing that God will bring you through whatever difficult time you’ve been experiencing. Pretty simple, but quite hard when you’re right in the middle of it.
  • The journey is more important than the outcome. This is hard to digest, but hearing this knocked a lot of sense into me. God has promised victory, and because of that, He cares more about what happens to you during the journey than the result itself. If I confused you, leave a comment and I’ll discuss this more with you. :)
  • God doesn’t like mediocrity. I’d like to say that I learned this a bit too late, but I also think that God timed it right. I offered the last part of my term to Him and asked Him to take mediocrity away from me. I’m still a work in progress over this and it’s not easy. But I’ve learned that God always deserves the best because He always reserves the best for us. :)
  • God reveals His will to those who seek it. I’ve always thought that God likes to play hide-and-seek with His children with regards to His will, and that we have to pray extra hard if we want to know His plans. But lately I’ve been learning that God really does reveal His will to those who truly seek it with their heart. I realized that He won’t withhold something from us if it’s for our good, and that includes His plans. The praying part is still a must, of course. :)
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Multi-category post

Update: I finally have Google Adsense in my site. I’ve been hearing lots of things about this and the main (and probably only) reason why I signed up for this is to earn money. Why not? I mean, there’s no harm in putting them here, as far as I am concerned. Don’t worry, I won’t be changing my posts to get higher-paying ads. :)

Randomnities: I got my temporary driver’s license today. Okay, I got it yesterday, actually, but today I went back to the Land Transportation Office (LTO) to get my second picture taken for the actual card. I got to see my picture there and in fairness, it actually looked good! Haha, but I need to practice driving. Badly. I was the one who drove the Lite Ace out of the garage earlier and though I managed to get it out without any accidents or the engine shutting down, my brain got all frazzled because there’s so much to do/so much happening with manual cars. BOO. I also got the (automatic) Lancer our earlier and that was easier. Of course, duh, it’s automatic.

So now, I’m gonna need to practice on manual, but I think I’ll be driving the automatic more. Because it’s easier and it’s less hassle to the mind. Haha. And tomorrow, I’ll be driving that car! Wohoo! I make it sound easy, but to be honest? Everytime I drive, my nerves get to work. Haha. I’ll get used to this. By November I shall be able to drive at EDSA! I claim it! :P

Pluggings: I joined a couple of message boards recently, just to kill time: Intrigue MB, Radiant MB and PhilWorship Forum. It’s pretty fun, though Intrigue MB needs more people, so if you’re not doing anything much and you want to pass time and meet new friends, go join Intrigue MB! =) My nickname there is stargirl. PhilWorship Forum is for Filipino Christians who want to talk about Christian music and worship, so if you like those two, go register! :D

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Bulleted # 1

  • It just occured to me that I didn’t really check how this site would look in IE because I’ve always been so used to Firefox. It doesn’t look bad exactly, just a bit…spacey. I must fix that. And work on a new theme as well. But for now, use Firefox! :) I’ll get to IE soon enough.
  • I convinced my mom to go to OMF Lit again earlier, so we oculd take advantage of their sale which would end tomorrow. In turn, I got four books! :) Yay!
    1. Searching for God Knows What by Donald MillerMixz recommended this book in her blog waaaay back and since then I’ve been on the lookout for it. I’ve seen Blue Like Jazz and I’ve been meaning to get a copy, but I wanted to get this book first. I thought I’d have to ask my dad to buy it for me, but turns out they have it at OMF. Yay!
    2. Blink by Ted Dekker – I was planning to buy The Circle Trilogy, but I couldn’t find a paperback version of Black. I didn’t want to buy only one book from the trilogy because that would leave me hanging, so I decided to buy Blink instead. Looks good, and from my experience with reading Thr3e, I think I won’t be disappointed in this book.
    3. Savannah from Savannah by Denise Hildreth – I needed another dose of Christian chicklit, and I was debating between Sisterchicks Down Under and My Life As a Doormat, but nothing quite fit what I wanted. Then i saw this, I liked it. And got it. :) Haha.
    4. Savannah by the Sea by Denise Hildreth – I just realized that I got the wrong book. Darn, this is the third book in the Savannah series, not the second. Darn it. Oh well, I’m gonna have to find a way to get the second one. Haha. :P At least I have this now, but I’m thinking of not reading this until I get the second one. Hmmm.
  • My dad’s going back to Saipan on Sunday. :( Is it just me or is there some kind of sad feeling here at home because of that?
  • I applied for my first job today, much thanks to Ganns‘ referral. Now I should get back to working on my portfolio.

Reviews for High School Musical (♥ ♥ ♥ ) and Thr3e coming up this week. :)