I got some minor “debriefing” for work today, from the person I will be replacing by November. Things change too fast here in the corporate world that it scares me. A lot. I told you I’m a control freak.

From doing almost nothing, I’ll probably be swamped with work and whatnot starting next month. That sure is some change because even if I am doing some work here in the office, it’s not as intensive as the one I will be doing. I’m nervous, because I don’t know if I’ll be able to handle it right. I am supposed to have a partner, but I don’t know when my partner will arrive here and join me…so for the time being, it’s just me. And I have to cram a lot of information in my head for the next two weeks while things are being turn over to me.

I think I’m putting a lot of pressure on myself with the way I tell this…but I bet anyone who is here in my position would feel the same pressure. Though I shouldn’t, because the one I’m replacing tells me I shouldn’t be afraid to ask questions (which I will most certainly do for fear of messing up).

On to that topic, the fear of messing up…I shouldn’t be, right? Be afraid. Of messing up. Because the more I am, the more I will indeed mess up. I should trust myself and God that He will enable me to do the things that I am asked to do, because I believe that I am in the center of His will right now. It’s His will why I am here, and He will help me in the challenges I will face here. Right?

OF COURSE HE WILL. After all, God did promise and I know He doesn’t back out on any of His promises.

So for the next days, after I finish with all the remaining work I have before I get turned over to my new work…I shall pray. And I shall ask for your prayers too. Because I know I can’t do this alone, and just thinking about everything is making me panic. *bites fingernails* I will not, I will not panic. Things will be okay, and by God’s grace, I can do this. I can learn all of the things I need to learn and I can do this.

I haven’t asked for this for the longest time…but please do pray for me. If you can spare just a few seconds to knock on heaven’s door for me for the next few weeks, I’ll really appreciate it. :)