First Work Week of 2009

The first work week is over — yay. Just as how I used to feel back when I was in school, the first week always felt like it lasted forever. It wasn’t bad, really, just tiring, and it takes some time for me to get my bearings especially with other things that I have set out to do this year. I know it’s bound to get busier, but I just need to take it one day at a time. Deep breaths. Heh. I swear, I have to stop thinking about my to-do list so I won’t get stressed. :P

Oh, but a little Big, Fun and Scary Things to do for 2009 update first:

  • Wordplay‘s still ongoing and I just finished writing #9. I end up using my NaNoWriMo 2008 characters so much, which is good because I get to see them in other situations. It’s also bad because I can’t seem to get them out of the situations I’ve put them in back when I was still writing the novel. Hm.
  • I finished reading my second (e)book for the year, That Summer by Sarah Dessen. I’d review all the ebooks I read, but I’d really rather review them when I have the actual book in my hand, which I am planning to buy, especially if it’s Sarah Dessen. 48 more books to go!
  • I’ll be off to Batangas on January 24, so yay! It’s not really a new location to travel to, but I haven’t been to the resort. :P Haha this should be fun. I want to schedule s trip somewhere up North this year though, other than Baguio. Maybe Ilocos? :)
  • Cors and I checked out the boxing gym near the office and the price is pretty good. We just have to figure out a boxing schedule. :) I’ve been watching what I am eating and although it’s not really a diet, I’m eating less rice in the day, more fiber in the morning and generally less sweets. Now I need to get moving — literally — if I want to shed some of these flabs off so I won’t have to wear corsets when I need to have a figure. :P
  • And finally, I’ve been discussing stuff with my dad and I’m seriously thinking of getting an MBA. It’s funny how I am thinking about that now, especially since I did not want to have anything to do with business related courses back in college, but now I’m actually thinking about it. I think that it would really be interesting and useful and fun, especially if I plan to stay longer where I am (and actually get to climb the corporate ladder…erm haha I never thought I’d say that heh). But let’s see. :)
  • I’ll be meeting up with an old friend in a couple of weeks and I can’t wait. Must plan stuff with other friends too, and visit the alma mater to see the new faces of YFC. :D
  • Oh and finally, for the past week, I’ve been at work as early as eight in the morning and the latest I’ve been at work was last Wednesday when I had a meeting. I get restless when I stay longer than 8 hours already, plus I’ve managed to go home with the sun still out for the past week. Miracle. Haha, I hope I can keep this up. :)

I think that pretty much sums it up for now. :) Now it’s Friday, but I’m feeling sleepy already, and we have a wedding to go to tomorrow. Happy weekend everyone!