Friday love ♥

I was supposed to make a post earlier at work before I went home but the Internet there suddenly went down and when I clicked on “Save”, I lost the entry. Oh well.

This week has got to be the busiest week I’ve had at work so far. I started out reading a lot last Monday, but things picked up last Wednesday when I was asked to go to a training at Libis. From that training, Thursday picked up with two meetings, lots of testing, document updating that lasted until today. I hardly read the Harry Potter 6 ebook I have in my hard drive. How about that. :P I actually started feeling hungry in the afternoons and Jane said that was because I was doing some brainwork. :P

I know this is just a taste of the work that I will be doing in the next few weeks and months. I’m slowly getting the hang of it though…and you know what? I actually enjoy it. :) And it really helps that I’ve got a cool boss too (haha, in case you happen to drop by here, hi Sir! :P).

Sometimes I still feel some kind of fear at the back of my mind, like what if the close friends I have in the office have to leave, or what if I couldn’t accomplish a specific job because I couldn’t understand it or what if I just happen to have a bad week or something? Shallow everyday fears that I’m sure some, if not most people feel. The moment I feel the edges of fear, I quickly shove it away and remember God’s promise that He will always take care of me. He’s done a pretty good job taking care of me for the past 20 years; why should He fail me now? :)

Oh yeah! As of last Wednesday (October 4), I’ve been officially employed for a month. How cool is that? :)

The past few days I’ve also been feeling quite festive. Why? Because National Novel Writing Month 2006 opened last October 1! I mean, how could I not be excited? It’s the biggest writing event of the year! I’ve been browsing the boards and I am amazed at all the creative energy I can feel from the computer. It’s one big community of writers racing to get 50,000+ words within thirty days, and it’s just so thrilling. Ahhh! I haven’t made really big plans for this year’s novel but I’m getting to it. Wohoo. November, here I come! Oh yeah, if you’re a Filipino and you want to join, go ahead! You won’t lose anything; in fact, you’ll also gain a lot of friends because there’s a Philippines forum in the NaNo Boards. :)

Anyway, I better go and do my nightly rituals. My plans for tomorrow are slowly unravelling and to be honest it’s unnerving and I’m thisclose to giving up on it, but let’s see what will happen first. Lord, please let everything work out. I know You will.

One thought on “Friday love ♥”

  1. Hey sister,

    I’m back in the US. I’ve been here for a few days now. I’m visiting with MOM and DAD before heading out all over to visit friends. Nice to be away from that unit in Korea. WHEW

    I bought Saint yesterday. I’m excited. I haven’t started it yet, but I did skip to the end to see if there’s an excerpt from Dekker’s next book. SURE ENOUGH, there is. The next book is called Skin. It’s due out April 2007. Haha!

    Hope you’re SUPER! Love you bunches.


    Peace be with you always. And may GOD continue to bless you


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