Hello, SeptemBER

I’ll be all cliche and say this: wake me up when September ends? Please? Seriously. This month’s bound to be busier than the previous one, and everytime I look at my calendar, it feels like it’s begging to be filled. Yet I don’t want to! Talk about conflict. Here’s a tentative line up for my month:

  • Bowling game/s
  • WordCamp Philippines on September 6
  • A friend’s despedida party on the night of September 6
  • Our boss from the US is visiting from September 8-17
  • Cebu trip on September 12-14
  • Manila International Book Fair on September 12-16 (will be there on the 15th)
  • New work coming in that I have to learn because I’m part of the team that will handle it
  • Small weekly activities in the club — I’m not necessarily a part of all activities, but I’m involved as majority of the announcements are made by yours truly. I won’t need air tools for this, just Photoshop and creativity…now if only the second thing I need is so eay to keep going. O_O
  • Company Tree Planting
  • Sportsfest closing
  • Update of process documents for the team

That, and possibly more things to do since it’s quarter end, and it’s always the busiest during the end of the quarter. GAAAAH. The only thing I’m really looking forward to this month is the Cebu trip with Happy, which I’m really, really glad would push through. It was kind of hard trying to file a leave though, since that’s also the week that we would have a visitor. But I need to take this trip. Plus I need to make this trip a positive one, not one that will make me wish I am not back at work after. :P

I still have some deliverables to send by tomorrow, and I’m not in the mood to make them right now. I just want to sleep. Plus this thing I’m doing seems to be getting uglier and uglier, and I am at a loss on what to do with this. Seriously, whoever said I was creative? Is that even true?

Kidding, kidding. I’m being too down on myself again, this is stress that’s talking. Must focus and find ways to destress! Like get enough sleep, yes?

This month can’t be as busy as February or as bad as June…yes? And there are a lot of things to look forward to this month too, like (some items repeated from the previous list):

  • WordCamp Philippines
  • Cebu trip with Happy :D
  • Manila International Book Fair
  • My brother’s birthday
  • New work coming in because it would give me something new to learn
  • Tree planting activity at work
  • Taking lots and lots of photos thanks to Ashley
  • The fact that it’s already a -ber month, which means, Christmas is just around 100+ days away!

Yes, this will be a good month. Don’t mind my previous ramblings, that’s just me stressed and worried. But by God’s grace, this will be a good month. :)

Wishing everyone a good September ahead!

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  1. hi, tina! i love your writings! i’m thinking of linking your blog site in my multiply account; that is, kung okay lang sa’yo… =)
    continue to shine the Light! you are a huge, huge blessing! (^^,)v

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