Last Forever

Some of my friends have been doing this, and I thought I’d do it too to bring some interactivity into this blog. Let’s see if some people would actually answer. :P

Today’s question is insipired by this PostSecret image:


In case you can’t see it, the card says: If I could make this last forever, I would.

So, the question is: If there’s one thing you’d want to last forever, what would it be?

Yes, I am throwing deep questions on the first time I’m doing this. :P But hey, it’s a valid question. :)

My answer:  The easiest answer would probably be I’d wish for all the happy moments to last forever — those days when everthing seemed perfect, like the Switchfoot day, or when I get free Hilton Head rentals. But as much as I’d like those to last forever, I guess I wouldn’t too because it would lose its novelty. So maybe…one of the things I’d really like to last forever (but I haven’t experienced in the longest time :( ) is the peace I get after I pray. The refreshed feeling, the one where I feel that whatever happens during the day, be it good or bad, I know that I can conquer it because God’s with me. I know God’s with me still, but I’ve been having a hard time staying “connected”, and if it weren’t for the daily mass the past weeks, I would’ve probably been totally disconnected. I’m still working on this one, and I hope I can finally find a way to be back in tune, because I really, really miss it.

How about you? What would you want to last forever?

3 thoughts on “Last Forever”

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  2. I want great love, good health and positive happy long life to last forever…a.k.a immortal no? hehe.

  3. I want friendship and love to last forever…=) without friends and the presence of “love” our lives will be BORING…or…BADUY..hahahA

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