Love in the Time of Asthma

So. I’m still kind of sick.

I was feeling all better yesterday and even had the time to go out with my family at Bonifacio High Street (and got new books!). I spent a pretty much normal non-sick day save for the occasional sniffles. However, when I got to bed that night, I started wheezing again.

I think the culprit may be my colds, or it could be the fact that I slept late last night (darn Seattle’s Best Americano). Or it may even be the cold weather. Or allergies. Whatever it is, I woke up not feeling good again, which meant I missed exercising again today…and I kept on wheezing every now and then. ARGH.

It’s been more than a year since I last had an asthma attack, and it’s not even a full-blown one, just one that was triggered by my allergies. Usually a day of drinking medicine is okay, but this particular one just wants to stay for another day. When I was a kid, I used to have a LOT of asthma attacks, which automatically excused me from doing heavy physical activity and sports (and that is probably the main reason why I don’t do sports). When I grew older, the attacks grew less frequent, but I still carry my inhaler in case of emergencies.

I think this particular bout of (almost) asthma is frustrating me because I can’t work out, and my days feel weird when I don’t exercise already. Plus, I hate drinking asthma medicine (Ventolin) because it gives me tremors and it’s not a pleasant thing — plus Ventolin has steroids and it can make one fat. I eat carefully (no appetite suppressants here), though, but still, I wanna sweat! I want physical activity! I want my classes! :(

It’s just my luck that it’s raining today so I couldn’t get to the clinic earlier. :( I will try now, though.

Ah asthma. Can you go away now?

EDIT: 6:45PM. So I just got back from the clinic and yes, my asthma is back, sort of. :( I can say that starting today, and up to the next two weeks, I’ll be on steroids. :( Ah fudge. This means I probably will not be able to work out again today and tomorrow…but maybe I can do Body Balance on Wednesday? I wonder.

Oh well. And the medicines are so darn expensive. Boo.

I sure hope my next post isn’t about any kind of sickness now.