Mid Shift

So today I start mid shift.

FYI, I’m still home. I’m leaving in a while though, because I need to hear mass at Eastwood since it’s first Friday. Plus, I need to get at the office early to get some work done since I have two meetings tonight, and I won’t be able to get stuff done.

Ah, the price of being busy. The past two weeks I felt like I was on midshift all ready because of all the meetings I have to attend (it’s a miracle how I can still blog — thank you short free time), but I still go to work early because of sheer laziness of commuting on my own in the afternoon. It’s okay anyway; I get more things done that way. :D

It’s been a sort of crazy two weeks. Tonight’s meeting consists of planning and an education session about some other stuff I should know. I’m not complaining; it’s fun to be involved, since it’s been a long time since I was involved in stuff. I get to meet a lot more people, be hands on with the activities, and I really, really like that. :P Of course that means I’m more tired and there’s a lot of things to do which means a bit more stress after some time, but a little stress is good. They’re not really complicated and I don’t have to learn how to do anything complicated or something I haven’t done before (like install Grohe faucets, for instance), though there were some brain-dying moments. But I’m good. :) And besides being good for my resume (heh), I like what I’m doing and it breaks the monotony of everyday web editing. :D

I have a feeling this month’s going to be crazy too; with all the stuff I need to have finished. Plus I always feel like my hours are short when I’m on midshift as opposed to night shift, where my hours are looooong. I didn’t mind the extra allowance, though, but really, I prefer to sleep at night than during the day.

My ten minutes of posting are up, so I should get ready if I want to get there in time for mass.

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  1. Uhm this is not related to your post but what do you call the plugin you used for your 50 books for 2008 and 25 book reviews in the sidebar? Thanks!

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