New layout among other things

Hello, what do we have here? :) Finally a new layout. :) I wasn’t supposed to let this out until Wednesday but I decided to go ahead and have this up now before I lose interest in it. So here. Layout information will be updated here by tomorrow. This is the first dark layout I’ve done for my website! Like it? Comments are appreciated. :)

I missed RJ‘s celebration today because I fell asleep during the afternoon and missed the meeting time. Oh well. That’s why I went to finish this layout. And okay, fine, I was feeling a bit lazy to go out already. I swear, I have no social life. Well, little. I wish I have enough drive to go out and gimmick every weekend so at least I have enough activity. Haha. I feel like such a social loser. :P I need to get my act straight. Anyway, tomorrow is another Monday, and I am facing a lot of work for this week, I’m pretty sure of that. I’ll take it one day at a time, thank you very much. :) There’s a mid-week “vacation” for All Saint’s Day, and I kind of wish Thursday would be off too, but then, that’s work for you. Things to look forward to next week: payday and the possible lunch out with some officemates on Tuesday. :) Yeah yeah.

This weekend felt long. I need to fix some things here first before hitting the sack. Good night everyone! :)

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