On Oscars, and books becoming movies

So I woke up late again today because I slept early this morning, and the first thing I saw on TV was the Oscars on TV, which I ended up watching for the last one and a half hours in the comfort of our leather home theater seating (…which is how I liked to imagine it). :P Now, I’m not really much for foreign actors and actresses (heck, even local) as I’m not much of a movie watcher who remembers who the actors and actresses were unless I really loved the movie…so it wasn’t such a big thing for me. But I enjoyed watching the show, especially during Jon McLaughlin’s performance of So Close (Enchanted! ♥).

This made me remember my younger years when the “best” writing I can do was all done in scripts. I used to write Sailormoon episodes in script format back in elementary, where I made sure their new powers came out in my stories. When I stepped in high school, I became the default scriptwriter for our Ibong Adarna, Noli Me Tangere and El Filibusterismo plays and the Florante at Laura video. I loved doing it even if it required me to read ahead, because I get to deliver the story in dialog, which our books totally lacked back then. In college, we had a video production class, where I wrote a 25-page script for class, and then another one for our finals. I think that’s one of the reasons why I have a hard time writing descriptions in my novels. All the dialog in the scriptwriting made me rely on dialog. :P

I think that’s also the reason why I can see some — if not all — of my stories being filmed. At least in my imagination. Complete with soundtrack. Haha. I can imagine scenes that seemed to look better when done live than on paper. Or maybe that’s just my lack of descriptive powers (as of now) that’s making it like that.

I think it would be really cool to have your written works on screen…even if they sometimes butcher it. Heh. My friend Chris did that to one of my works in high school, which I never got to watch so I didn’t know how it turned out. ^^; But seriously, I’d love to have anything I’ve written be acted out. It doesn’t even have to be in Hollywood — it can be just in our local cinemas. Fall Like Rain? Whee.

But first, I have to finish writing that. :D

Enough of the daydreaming; I should get ready. Shopping with mom in a while! :)

Side comment: Ack, I feel like my writing is so…disorganized. I feel like I can’t gather my thoughts correctly and write them down on the blog. Eh, this is what stress does, I knew it.

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