One month to go till I turn 22

It just hit me. It’s February 17 today…which means only one more month till I turn 22.

Eeeeh. Just as when I’m really enjoying my being 21, I have to face turning into another age.

Then again…age is just a number. Right?

So now I’m thinking of what gimmick I shall be doing on my birthday. The fact that my birthday falls on a Holy Monday (for the first time ever since I can remember) kind of shortens the list, as I don’t want to have any parties or big eating things on the day itself as I plan to fast during Holy Week. That, and I’d probably be too tired to do anything since I have a scheduled team building with the IBM Club the weekend before my birthday.

Now…what to do, what to do

I could just opt for shopping. My birthday IS after payday. :) New dress, new shoes, new underwear, new pants, tops, hoodia (okay, maybe not that), new books…or even a spa treatment. Like I said, no bigtime treats, except maybe for my family only — and let me just add yet, especially for people who’d visit this and react at that :P — but maybe I could bring something to work. Like…a dozen Krispy Kremes. Or something like that. I could also bake a cake — like that double layer chocolate cake I’ve been planning to make for the longest time — but I think I’d do that on Easter. Double celebration, yes? :)

That’s all I could think of for now. What’s really cool is that my dad’s going to be home on Holy Week. Yay. :) So la familia’s complete on my birthday. :D

My brother’s asking me for a wishlist, which I have yet to compile for this year. :D The one at the very top of my list is the bookshelf, followed by the external hard drive for Aslan. Of course, there’s the still much-awaited sunflower, or that I-can’t-believe-you-went-through-all-this birthday surprise…but a Pilot G-Tec C-4 0.4 black pen would be okay too. ;)

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