One Month

And Refine Me is back in operation after a day of being in 509. :) Again, thanks to Noemi for giving me additional bandwidth to last me longer for July. Now I don’t know why I got over my bandwidth limit again — does that mean my traffic is getting higher? Or is it only because of Piolo Pascual searches referrals and Switchfoot in Manila traffic?

Anyway, today, August 2, I have been working in my new company for one month. Happy monthsary one month teammates! Sometimes I still find it hard to believe that I’m already here, that I go to work riding only three tricycles (and sometimes less) a day, that I can go off at 5:30 pm, that I am actually doing web development stuff, which I have been wanting to do for so long! In my best friend’s words, the happiness joy I feel here radiates to other people. Haha, is it true? All I know is that I feel so giddy over finally doing work that I love. Let me say this now (and again): I love my job! :)

And more on this job, I find myself wanting to do new things again. Like joining the bowling team in our group even if I know I suck at bowling. (Well I don’t suck, really. I am just…not…sports inclined. HAH!) Or actually entertaining the thought of joining my teammates in some of their badminton sessions even if I know I will just end up embarrassing myself on the court. :P Yes, I do not have any sports abilities to save my life. Harhar. But here I am actually wanting to join them even if it means my dignity is at stake (or not).

Like I said, maybe it’s just because I have more time now than before, and going to work doesn’t depress me as it used to. No offense to my old company or my old officemates…I guess it really makes a world of a difference to a person’s morale if he/she is doing what she wants to do.

Oh and wacky teammates make everything more fun too. :P Yeah boy.

Aha! Cure for the Common Life! Hello, Max Lucado. :)

Anyway, I better get back to work here. I have a page update pending, and the window with the editing panel has been popping up every five seconds, which tells me it wants me to work on it already. Fine, fine!

Oh, last na. As we celebrate our one month here in the company and in the team, we’ll be getting our company jackets later. No, it’s not because we’re one month old here, but because we won the early bird thing at the last townhall. :P

On another, semi-related note: Lord, please don’t make me move out here, not yet. Please.

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