I’m late a few days but better late than never. :) Everyone knows how much of a NaNoWriMo geek/fan/enthusiast I am, with all the early month posts and preparations and my sudden absence from blogging every November. It just feels so much like a holiday everytime November rolls around for the past four years — this is the only time I get to really write about anything I want, and find a way to insert wholesale fashion jewelry in a story, no matter how irrelevant or sudden it may seem. And on my fifth year of NaNoWriMo and my second year of being a Municipal Liaison, I thought of bringing everything up a notch. :D

Sooo…welcome to the second home of the Filipino NaNoWriMo community: PINOYWRIMOS.COM. :D To quote my welcoming message:

And we’re LIVE! Finally, after so many months of delays, the official website of the Philippine National Novel Writing Month community is now open!

If you’re a newbie to the entire NaNoWriMo thing, I suggest you read this or this first to get to know what this entire thing is, and then sign up and join the fun! If you’re an oldie, WELCOME BACK! :)

2007 has been a good year for the PinoyWrimos, with the meet ups and the seminars and the anthology, plus our very good rankings (as mentioned here) and 2008 is shaping to be an even better year! It’s the tenth anniversary of NaNoWriMo which means the NaNo HQ has a lot of stuff in store for everyone, and the local community is bringing it up a notch this year — which means, more fun stuff, more meet ups and hopefully, more winners! :)

This site will be a stop of all things NaNoWriMo for the Filipino participants. Whether you’re a Filipino Wrimo in the Philippines or a Filipino Wrimo outside of the Philippines or a half (even a fourth or an eighth) Filipino Wrimo OR you’re a Wrimo who is in the Philippines, you’re welcome here! Bookmark this site or add the blog to your RSS reader and get the latest news and events in the PinoyWrimo community. Browse around the site and get tips on writing and surviving the November noveling month and resources to help you with your adventure on November. If you’re short on inspiration, you can grab plot ninjas or read through some of the excerpts of the past novels of the PinoyWrimos!  If you’re interested in helping the community out (as we’re a volunteer powered community), you’re welcome to do so too!

Make your presence known at the NaNoWriMo boards (yes, it’s up!). Pretty soon, NaNoWriMo will come, and we’re going to have the best November yet. :D

So come on now, join the fun! Visit the boards, the site (and link us too — we’d really appreciate that! Again, it’s!). If you’re a kind hearted person who would like to help out a group of writers, then we’d also welcome your help. :D

Expect more NaNoWriMo related posts soon…but I need to finish my blogging debt of events that happened recently. I promise, I will!

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  1. Haha, nice paid ad slip-in.

    I actually wish more bloggers would do that than write out entire fake posts about a product they don’t actually care about.

  2. MICHELLE: Thanks! :D One of the reasons why I don’t go for PayPerPost anymore because it makes me write a blog post about a product that I don’t really know…so I stick to those paid blogging services that let me just link whatever it is they want me to link. It’s also a good writing practice. ;)

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