Search Words for Refine Me, Part 3

Here is the third installment of the Search Words for Refine Me series (Part 1, Part 2), which I am doing not because of any SEO chuva, but because it’s so amusing to do. This installment is particularly amusing. ;) Much thanks to SiteMeter for this. :D

I bet I’d get a lot of hits for Piolo Pascual once again. LOL. Till next installment!

5 thoughts on “Search Words for Refine Me, Part 3”

  1. Ahahahahaha! That’s so funny…. how strange people can be.

    I just recently did a funny blog post about one particular search term that keeps giving me blog traffic every day: “Nutella virgin”. I… decided… to give ’em what they wanted and wrote up a special post for them. ;)

    I recently investigated that term and have deduced that horny people are looking for a Russian pRon site about a girl named Nutella.

  2. wooohooo Piolo all the way! hehehe lumalabas ba yung “inoptimize” natin 3 na page mo pag nagsearch ng piolo pascual? hehehe :

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