Seasonal Shopaholic Strikes

This is an attempt not to write about them. :P

This is a follow up post of what I mentioned before, and how I’m holding up with the status of the things I need to buy. Here we go (photos to follow):

  1. I got myself two new work shoes. One black pointed flats from Auztralian and one white heeled one from Mario D’boro. I love the white one, and I plan to get the exact same style, only it’s in hot pink. :P Yes, I love pink. ;) I spent about Php1000 on it. :D
  2. My mom got me a new bag which is exactly what I need for work. Yay, no expenses here since it’s a pasalubong. Hahaha! But I love it! Just what I need for work. :D
  3. I finally got myself new sneakers…after almost a year of not buying one. This is the first pair of sneaks I will be paying with my own money (I love you, credit card!). It’s the much wanted Chucks – pink and white with pink hearts embroidered on the heel. :P
  4. Next week is jeans week at work, and I realized that the last pair of jeans I bought was back when I just graduated. How about that. Anyway, I realized that I am running out of jeans again, so today, I got two. :D Bench loves me, I got 2 pairs for Php 1000. Penshoppe jeans are too small now. :( Wait, I have more jeans at home, but they’re thin jeans, which means if I want to wear them again, I’m gonna have to lose these flabs first. *pouts*

Well that’s not bad. :) I’ve yet to buy a crystal case for Captain Tal, a dSLR and a new laptop. The latter ones are big and expensive, I know, but that’s why I save up for things, like the way some people save in buying real estate. That would have to wait until the end of the year, me thinks. ;)

If this post didn’t make sense half the time, I am sorry. I’ve been multitasking for the past three hours. :P Have a great week ahead!

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