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PBB, the Psychologist's Dream

This is the moment where I wish I didn’t close down my PBB blog because things are getting hot inside the house. If you’re not watching, I won’t recommend that you watch unless you’re really curious or you want to be stressed all because of Wendy.

Don’t we all just love Wendy?

Yes, I’m being sarcastic there.

Being best friends with a psychologist allowed me to acquire some behavior analyzing stuff from her, and I bet the things happening inside the house entire (Pinoy) Big Brother thing is a psychologist’s dream, you know? And even if I don’t have a degree in the said field, it’s so fun to speculate, to write, to talk and sometimes make fun of the people inside.

So anyway, for those who don’t know, the latest thing they’re showing on Primetime right now is the big Wendy vs. Gee-Ann and Bea fight. They had a face to face nomination two weeks ago, and Gee-Ann gave Wendy 1 point during the nomination because she had the advantage of being outside already (which is true). Wendy said it was okay, but during this survey Kuya made, Wendy (and her minion, Bruce) voted for Gee-Ann as the one who is being plastic and one who doesn’t deserve to win. Of course, being inside the game, Kuya played the audio of the voting and eventually the video. Gee-Ann, hurt, exploded to Kuya, with the oh-so-memorable line, “She’s playing God!” And then Kuya called for a mock nomination, where they had to vote three people who they think do not deserve to win. Gee-Ann and Bea voted for both Wendy and Bruce, and Wendy got hurt.

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Soul Sisters ♥

Happy Birthday, Bea!

Now where should I start? You’re one of the reasons why I am where I am right now, and why I am who I am. I wouldn’t be back in the community if it weren’t for you (and Myka) always asking where I was, “bugging” me to go to the tambayan. I knew there was a reason why I went to the discovery camp back in 2004 (and Engel saying I was her simple joy) was because I’d meet you.

I’ve only known you for two and a half years, but I feel like we’ve known each other all our lives. I love how you understand me and my quirks, how we always seem to understand each other, how comfortable we are about talking about God. I love how assured you are of God’s love, how dedicated and passionate you are of GK. Most especially I love how you never judge a person, but you love them just the same. Actually, there’s so much I love about you, and that’s why you’re my best friend — too many reasons to write. ;)

On this special day of yours (which I missed by 4 minutes last night!), I pray that God will bring you to places where you could shine even brighter than you do before. I pray that God will continue to make your heart bigger so as to accommodate even more people inside. I pray that He takes care of you and your mom and everyone else you love. I pray that despite all the trials you have experienced and will experience in your twenty-first year, you will still continue to smile and laugh and make other people smile and laugh, because the world wouldn’t be the same without that Beaboo cheer. I pray that you touch more lives, that they may see through you (just as I have) that God is a good and loving God. I pray that our friendship will last longer, grow stronger, until we are all old and have our grandchildren playing with each other in your big flower garden, where we will all spend our afternoons with our GG’s and closest friends. And finally, I pray that on your twenty-first year, you’ll grow into the woman that God has made and is making you to be. :) Actually there’s so much more I pray for you, but it won’t fit. :P

Bea, Beaboo, Bei, Liberty, Billie, Boo, Pink 5, Awesome Chick, Princess…so many names, all the same great woman. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, MARIE BEATRICE LIBERTY O. CORTEZ! :) You don’t have to be demure for people to love you; we love you just the way you are, Princess Chick. :D Sister to sister, yours in life and death. I love ya, soul sister. ♥