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From My Love

As if to answer my post yesterday, I found this post in Boundless. This part made me tear up:

Nothing Can Separate

Later that night as your Daddy tucks you into bed, there’s one thing bothering you. You know that even when you do your best, you can’t be good all the time. Some of the kids in your group home talked about their Daddies hitting them, or calling them bad words that hurt more than the hitting. And because of their stories, you can’t shake off a hidden fear that one day, your new Daddy will stop loving you and send you back to the home, deciding you aren’t worth the trouble anymore.

So just before he turns out the light, you screw up all your courage and ask a question: “Daddy … what makes you stop loving your kids?”

“Me?” he says. “Absolutely nothing.”

“But what about when I do something really bad?”

“Nothing can separate you from my love,” he replies.

“What if I can’t figure things out in math and get an F?”

“Nothing can separate you from my love.”

“What if I get hit by a car and die?”

“Nothing can separate you from my love.”

“What about when I come home and it doesn’t look like you’re here, and I wonder if you went away?”

“Nothing can separate you from my love.”

Your Daddy can tell you’ve run out of questions for now, so he gives you a kiss on the forehead and a big hug. But before he leaves the room, he sits down on the edge of the bed and looks you in the eyes.

“I love you, kiddo,” he says. “I love you in good times and bad. I love seeing you seek after me; helping you and comforting you. I loved you before the world began, and I’ll love you all the way through eternity.”

Then he starts to leave the room, but before he goes, you have to say — not just because it’s habit, but because it’s the deep truth in your heart — “I love you, Daddy.”

And he responds, “I love you too, my chosen one.”