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Climb the mountain, step off the shore

This arrived for me today:

Thanks Ted!

I didn’t know FedEx could be this fast. Then again, Ted‘s only in South Korea. But anyway, as what the post-it says, Thanks Ted! Haha, now I can buy the next two books in The Circle Trilogy without worrying if I will be able to find the first book in paperback. Yay! :D

And I don’t know if I’ve mentioned it here before, but I don’t like hardbound books. I think they’re too bulky to carry around, plus I always worry if I get the dust jacket wrinkled or creased. Paperback books fit my bag easier, they’re less expensive and they’re easier to carry around. Of course, they’re not as sturdy as hardbound books, but that’s what plastic covers are all about. Sort of. :p

Anyway, I’ll be returning the favor to Ted by sending him a Tagalog Bible, as he requested. :)

Anyway, today was another busy day. I had my medical exam around noon which is a requirement for my job. It was the first time for me to have my blood taken again, and the idea of having the syringe in my arm made me a bit queasy. To think I wanted to donate blood at school last term. The medical exam went fine, though the doctor said I was…overweight. :-s This means one thing: I better get even more serious with the “exercise regularly” resolution I made last January. ^^;

After that, my mom and I shopped for some slacks and some cardigan sweaters I will be using for work. Then we went to Megamall to renew my NBI clearance Now I’m almost done with all the renewing and paperwork, I just have to get an account in Equitable for the payroll thingie and then it’s time to fill out the forms I’m going to be submitting for work on Monday.

It feels somewhat unreal, you know? I’m actually entering the workforce. It feels like such a big step because I know I’ve never been seriously working (to be honest, my OJT did not really count because it still felt like I was in school doing a big project…only it was tons more boring)…but I always keep in mind that God has never forsaken me. I mean, I was having the same qualms before college started, but look where I am now. Why should this be an exception?

Back before college (again), I held on to one song as a theme for my life…and it was only “revived” for me when I was doing my thesis. Until now, the song rings true for my life.

Hillsong Music Australia

Oh dear God, we ask for Your favor
Come and sweep through this place
For we desire You
I just want to be with You, be where You are
Dwelling in Your presence oh God
Oh I want to walk with You

And I will climb this mountain
And I’ll step off the shore
And I have chosen to follow
And be by Your side forevermore

Tell me what You want me to do Lord God
Tell me what You want for my life
It’s Yours, oh God, it’s Yours
Do Your will, have Your way
Be Lord God in this place
Oh I want Your will to be done

I choose to be with Him. Even if sometimes I feel like I’m groping in the darkness, I know that this is the only way for me to grow in Him. The unpredictability of it all makes life exciting, don’t you think? Haha, you should hear my inner control freak protesting right now. :P

So again, as I always say, bring it on, Lord! This gets more exciting each day, you know? Yeahbah. More pre-work thoughts in the next few days. :)