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An Attempt to Reconnect

So today was another busy day, with me having to attend to three requests in the morning and finishing my training presentation that afternoon. I know it’s going to be a long day since I arrived at the office at almost 9:00am (the latest I’ve been in, except for the time when I had to adjust my shift because of the Switchfoot press conference), and my brother would fetch me late…so I had time.

Fast forward to evening, I was finished with my requests, finished with part 1 of my presentation for tomorrow and off we go to dinner. After that, I packed up and decided to go around Eastwood for a while to kill time. I wasn’t really in the mood to window shop so I just stopped by National Bookstore and tried calling some friends to talk.

I got to talk to some, which was really cool, but because of unreliable signal, or because the other person is busy, I had to hang up earlier than I wanted to. I checked my Smart bill and realized I have a lot of minutes left (I always do — I have 200 free minutes a month, which I hardly use up) so I decided to call some friends to chat.

Three times around my I-can’t-remember-how-many-people-are-there phonebook, I realized…there’s no one to call ((Of course, I removed the people I could’ve called in my Sun phone with this conclusion)). I texted some people, asked if they are busy but I guess they are because they did not reply so I browsed around again…but there was no one I could talk to for an instant gabfest. Or at least, some catching up.

How sad.

Am I that pathetic? My goodness, and I thought I had like, lots of people I could talk to. Yeah, well, okay, I do have lots of friends, but besides the usual people I talk to (Hi Tue, Happy, Jomar), where are the others? Anyone else I could just call and chat with, you know, randomly?

Argh, I suck at my social skills. And I thought I was getting good at keeping in touch already. Pfft.

So now I’m thinking. Maybe I should launch a similar project like what Ganns did (or is still doing). Because I still suck at keeping in touch, and I want to be better at it. I want to talk to my old friends…other than the people I usually talk to, of course. You know.

Or maybe tonight just happened to be a busy night for all. Hmm.

Anyway, I’ll make this simple (and informal for now). If you’re an old friend of mine (elementary, high school, college, YFC, first job — you know who you are!) who happened to stumble on this site and we shared more than a few conversations together, tell me if you’ll be around the Eastwood area during weekdays or Pasig during weekends, and let’s catch up. Bring other people we know for fun. I’m not promising a treat, just good conversation and pictures. Okay, maybe an ice cream cone too, if you want. Or some baked treats if I happened to bake before that. :P

Comment away and I’ll reply to you through email. :) Please, no random strangers asking for meet ups. I must know you somewhere before (again, I repeat: elementary, high school, college, YFC, first job). If you’re not even a slightest bit familiar and you don’t tell me where we met before, I won’t reply.