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I’d like to think I’m a true-blue animal lover, and that I can cuddle any kind of animal, regardless if they have furs or scales or not.

But I’m not. I mean, not a true-blue animal lover. I do squee over different animals I watch on TV, but I can only pick up animals when I’m assured they wouldn’t scratch, bite or go ballistic on me…namely, our pets: two dogs and two six cats (our cat gave birth to a litter of four kittens yesterday). :D

But then I come across books and movies like Marley and Me and trailers like these:

Hachiko: A Dog’s Tale

After this, how can you not love animals then?

Okay, I know the American version of movies like these usually sucks…but I can’t help but feel weepy when one guy tells the dog, “You can stop waiting now…he’s not coming back.” Awww. :,-(

Marley and Me had me crying with the book and the movie (and I mean CRY, serious waterworks!), and I have a feeling I’ll be crying buckets when I watch this.


I’m supposed to be writing an outline for my Special Interest Group (SIG) presentation tomorrow afternoon…but I break my “progress” (if you call writing a very rough outline that) by blogging about something else: pets.

Totally random? OH YES.

Yesterday, our five year old cat we call Nanay (because she’s the only mother cat in the house…third generation, yo!) gave birth to three kittens. I saw the kittens earlier and got to pet one, and they were all so cute! Kittens have really bad luck in our house. We used to have about 11 cats, but some of them died while others ran away, and now we only have two, plus the three kittens. The thing is, those kittens will either (1) die on their own or (2) get run over. One time, our only kitten got eaten by a rat (!). It has yet to happen where our dog, Batman, would take a bite out of those kittens…but I don’t think Batman is capable of that…right?

Anyway, I’m hoping these kittens (kittehs?) grow up and be not afraid of humans, unlike all our other cats. >_> Seriously, this other cat we have, who we fondly call Punggok because of his short tail, jumps even at the merest movement towards him. Eh. I’m really hoping that these new generation of kittens would survive and would be “real” pets. You know?

I’m planning to get my own cat when my brother gets married, just so I can have my own pet. My brother and his girlfriend has Maggie (this really cute beagle who is now back at my brother’s girlfriend’s house) but since I don’t think I have the time to take care of a dog, it’s cat all the way! I want to get a Siamese cat just like my teammate, because I hear cats with breed are closer to humans. Plus, I really want to experience taking care of a cat that I actually paid for you know?

But not until my brother gets married.

And then I saw this. And I’m all…awwww!!!

Now I also want a bunny. I know rabbits are relatively easy to take care of, and quite affectionate…but they smell awful, as I read. But then…cats smell bad too, so who am I to ask that. Heh.

…Like I really have time to take care of pets. Really now. I should stop thinking about which is the best buy among pets, and work on this presentation before going to bed!