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And yet another phone

So yesterday I was supposed to renew my Smart line (the 24-month retention thing) and get a new phone, a Nokia 6233. After all the thinking I did the last time, plus your comments, and after playing with Miguel‘s phone last Friday, I decided to go for the said phone. So off my mom and I to Smart Wireless Center in Sta. Lucia Grand Mall. I stupidly forgot the list I got from Robinson’s Galleria with the list of phones for the 24-month retention thing (I brought the new connection list), so we asked for another one…

…and there was no Nokia 6233 in the list. :(

Now I noticed some discrepancies from the list I brought to the list given to me, mainly on the dates. The one I got from Galleria last Monday was as of December 28, whilst the one my mom and I got was dated December 13. And since I wasn’t in the mood to ask about it, my mom and I decided to wait, because they said there’d be new handsets coming next month.

I was kind of sulking inside because I couldn’t get a new phone that day (my mom and I already set a perfect payment plan for the both of us, wherein we both win. The phone was Php5,800, and I would only pay Php800 for the entire thing, since my mom owes me Php10,000). I was texting my brother who was on his way to the mall to eat dinner with us when he said: Mag-high-end ka nalang kasi ‘tol (“Get a high-end phone instead, sis”). I told him the “high end phones” on the list doesn’t appeal to me; besides I don’t think the N-series is good since I’ve heard a lot of complaints about them. He then told me that the N-series is okay, they just happen to be big.

While my mom was paying for some of her decorative rocks at the cashier, I wandered out the department store and went to the nearby cellphone store to see the phones there. And then I saw the Nokia N73.

Before you think I’m such a doofus for not knowing about this phone while working in a telecommunications company, I’d like to say that yes, I know this phone. Thing is, I’m not good with remembering high-end ones because I usally don’t look at them. Main philosophy in this: if you can’t afford it, don’t look at it. So I don’t. I know it’s a great phone (it’s one of the first ones I’ve heard being raved about here in the office), but I know it’s out of my league so I don’t look at it.

Anyway, I saw the N73, and told my brother about it, who told me it’s a great phone and I should get that instead of the 6233. Now I must say it’s really tempting, especially now that I think I can afford it (with a few months of payment to my mother dear, of course). I like how the N73 looks — it’s not as bulky as the other phones from the N-Series, plus the camera looks great and there are so many nifty things to do with the phone…but is it worth it?

…It’s the first time I’ll be splurging on something this expensive for myself (P17,700 if I get it with the 24 month retention thing).

…It’ll be my first high-end phone ever. As in really high-end.

…Think of all the nifty things I could do with the camera and the other apps inside the phone!

…But people say the N series is slow.

…And I like the 6233. I like how it’s small, not snatcher friendly…and it’s affordable! I won’t have to pay anything else after buying it except for the P800 I have to shell out.

…But the N73 looks soooo nice. And…


As you can see, I am faced with some sort of dilemma: Which phone, which phone? I don’t want to buy something I’d regret later. I tend to look at phones that will go the long run and will stand the abuse I give it. ;) If you see how my 6020 looks right now, you’d know what I mean.

So now, my dear friends from the blogosphere, I seek your help (wow, so formal!). Which phone do you think is better? :P I’m such an ignoramus with these things; it’s time I get educated with this too. But first…which phone?

Specs comparison is here, by the way.

Okay, I’m off to meet my friend Pinky at Starbucks. Goodbye Monday! :D

Word overflow on a weekend

I realized lately that working in a telecommunications company wipes out the fun for me about anything related to mobile technology. For example, last Friday, I was holding SIM cards and cellphone load all day to prepare for this User Acceptance Testing I was conducting. A few months ago, I would’ve been really amazed at the amount of credits and SIM cards I was holding then…but at the end of the day last Friday, I was sick of it. Being the one who goes through the UAT of the promos we have, by the time the promo comes out in the market, I have no intention of taking advantage of anymore because I have used it a lot of times before it was released and I know every bug I’ve encountered that other people might see too.

Or like one of my officemates, who holds different kinds of cellphones everyday to test. She gets to see and hold and play with the latest Nokia, Ericsson, Samsung and Motorola handsets, and she can tell you which phone is the best to suit your lifestyle. But when we talk, she tells me she’s tired of seeing all those phones because they’re all the same and there’s always something missing with the new unit. Being around new cellphones everday wiped out the amazement and wonder she used to get whenever a new unit comes out.

Hay, this is the work life, I guess.

I’ve made up my mind to go on gimmicks every weekend as this year started, and so far, I’ve been doing just so. Last year, I preferred staying at home during the weekends so I could rest, but I end up bumming around all day. For the past month, I’ve managed to go out every weekend and not be a party pooper. :P

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