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The Positives (1)

Sooooo, I realize I’ve been posting slightly depressing posts lately. Not good, not good. Let’s try being positive this time.

In one of the journals I kept back in high school, I try to end each entry with a list of things I was happy about in the day. It helped me put things in perspective, and be thankful of the blessings that I get even if the day was bad. Of course, I eventually got tired of listing things because I didn’t have the time, and sometimes, I admit it’s easier to just wallow and be sad and all that. But I can’t deny the positivity that it brings when I try to recall all my blessings.

So I think I’ll make this a weekly thing, as a pick-me-up post. I figure we all need to find something to be thankful for, right?

Okay, bring on the positives!

  1. I ran 5k today. I usually try to run at least 5k every time I try to run, but I don’t always get to do it. Stress on the legs, side stitch, and all other excuses. But today, I was about to give up at 3k when I got my second wind and ran a full 5k. :) I love it. My time: 32:30. My fastest 5k yet. (Its on the treadmill, but still :p)
  2. My call last night got moved tomorrow. I was supposed to have a client call last night and I was all nerves. Around 10 minutes before the call, my client sent me a message and moved the call tomorrow. I was kind of miffed, but then I realize this means I have more time to prepare, and my boss would be with me during the call. So yay.
  3. I got paid by some of my hostees. Money is kind of tight this month, so payments from my hostees were definitely welcome.
  4. I got to attend a meeting at EDSA Shangrila earlier. Our company had this meeting at EDSA Shang earlier, and I was privileged enough to attend. While I kind of reeled with all the financial talk, I was happy to be a part of that and see how blessed I am to be where I am working. Oh, and free food is always a plus.
  5. Fully Booked was extremely helpful to me. I heard that one of the books I’ve been drooling over is already available here, so I was planning to drop by Fully Booked at Shang to get it. However I didn’t get the chance to, so I called them and was directed to the Fort branch. I called, and managed to get the last two copies of the book and have it sent to the branch near my office. :) This means I will finally have a copy of that book, and I can host a giveaway at my book blog!
  6. I dressed up today. Since I had a meeting at Shang earlier, I needed to dress up, so I wore this new black dress I got from Cache Cache. I love dressing up to work nowadays, and it was really nice to get so many compliments at how different I look. :)
  7. My new shift gives me time to sleep in and stay at home. I’m on a 4pm to 1am shift right now, and it’s been a while since I stayed this late at work. I was complaining about it last week, but I realized, this gives me more reasons to sleep in.
  8. It didn’t rain today. Rain is good, but I still kind of freak out about the rain. I’ll get there. I know I will.
  9. This picture makes me smile (via loveyourchaos):
  10. I’m taking my first steps to grad school: asking around. Target: January 2011. Pray for me?

Now that wasn’t so bad? Even if my discount shades broke today (huhu, bye shades from Human), this day wasn’t so bad. Maybe I just really need to focus on the good things, you know? Optimism and all that — I miss being positive. Life shouldn’t get me too down to be positive.

What about you? What are your positives today? :)

I ♥ Fridays

I think I could make posts like these every Friday, because the longer I am here at work, the more I love Fridays. So really, it’s Thank God it’s Friday. :) Wheee.

What do I love about Fridays? It’s the feeling that the week is ending, and that there’s an entire two days ahead of you not to think about work. Everyone gets the chance to shed their stiff-looking business attires and dress down (or, in our case, slightly dress down because we’re not allowed to wear jeans and shirt and rubber shoes unless it’s announced by the HR). For some reason, everyone laughs louder, smiles wider and feels better when it’s a Friday. :)

Friday is truly one of God’s best gifts to the world. Agree? :)

My SFC household head told us last Sunday to compile our own Joy List for this month and then we’ll talk about them in our next household. :) I used to make lists like that, and I called them The Positives. Since today is a particularly happy Friday, here’s this week’s Joy List/The Positives. :)

  • Early morning and lunch time sessions with Jane, Anne and Reg a.k.a. “The Gang”.
  • Learning more on my “new” job.
  • Getting my permanent ID.
  • My new boss assuring me that he won’t surprise me with all the things I have to learn, and that he’d try to make it easy for me to transition to my new job.
  • Free merienda at Pancake House yesterday c/o Kok-see.
  • Being told that I’m photogenic (aww :D).
  • Free movie passes for World Trade Center last Thursday.
  • Lots of free food thanks to our SVP who is celebrating her birthday today (Happy Birthday po!).
  • Being able to accomplish the work given to me on time and correctly.
  • The newly established carpool and the fun times on the way home.
  • Free day tomorrow to work on a new layout for refineme.org.
  • Serious talks with my brother about our family and love life (!!!) among other things.
  • New music! New music!
  • Being able to break out of my shell and talk to more people in the office.
  • Being able to laugh, laugh and laugh some more.

I’ll post more later. Now it’s time to get fixing because it’s almost time to go home. :)

Have a great weekend everyone. :)