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Best Posts of 2007

And Christmas is now over, it’s just five more days until 2007 comes to a close. As with a lot of bloggers around the Net right now, I’ll also be making a list of my own best posts of 2007. Vain much, I know. :P By best, I mean those that contain a lot of meat in them, the ones that gives fond (or sometimes not) memories. Let’s see if I can remember what some cryptic entries meant. ;)

Warning: this is an insanely long entry.


  • Never Take Friendship Personal (January 15, 2007) – this post was an angry post. I was annoyed at some people from my previous work who I thought were my friends, but then they stopped including me in their breakfast/lunch plans…in fact, they stopped talking to me altogether, and I had no idea why. Things loosened up around March when one of them was resigning. It hurt a lot.
  • Passions (January 18, 2007) – this post is the start of my doubting if I was in the right job. Note that I was only four months into the job then. I wondered about quitting, and the entire thought of loving your job.
  • On Crushes (January 26, 2007) – Just because this entry is so…hee! Boys are brothers, not prospects!
  • Parteeh Hangover (January 28, 2007) – Because this is the most link-loving post I’ve ever done. :)


  • MUfHH: Are you ready to be offered? (February 6, 2007) – One of my early meaty reflections, about trusting God and letting go. Reading this reminds me of how deep Oswald Chambers’ reflections can be. And how deep I can reflect.
  • For My Love (February 14, 2007) – My “mandatory” Valentine’s post. I love how positive this sounded. :D Haha.


  • Hurt (March 4, 2007) – Reading this entry still gives me an ache in the heart. :( Written after totally eventful night which I really do not want to happen again.
  • Cryptic Entry # 2: Why? (March 13, 2007) – Ah, I guess I can divulge the reason for this one. :) I wrote this after hearing from a friend that my low exam results in the pre-employment exam in the company where I currently work now did not make me qualify for the next step. How sad. But look where I am now. :)
  • The Great Adventure (March 18, 2007) – The obligatory (post-)birthday post, where I psych myself up for my 21st year.
  • Cryptic Entry # 3: I Want Out (March 23, 2007) – This is where I cracked from all the dislike I had for my previous job, because it seemed like people could not bear to give even the smallest of encouragement to their colleagues. Hay.
  • Skimming the Surface (March 29, 2007) – This is where I elaborated on why I wanted out. I just re-read the entry and was surprised at how emotional, broken and angry it sounded. Wow.

Other notable entries here are the “What happened when I was ___” in preparation for the birthday. :)

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