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Getting to know me

Because I’m procrastinating having a hard time writing the feedback forms I’m supposed to email before the end of my shift on this light payday Friday, and I’m also having a hard time writing a blog post with substance (one that doesn’t outline what I did for the entire day alone), here’s something I picked up from other blogs, especially from LiveJournal and Multiply.

This is one of those numerous personality tests online that looks like Kokology questions (I loved that book), which tells you who you are based on what you choose given certain situations (e.g., you are walking in a forest, what do you see, etc etc). I saw a similar test like this in Candy magazine years ago, but I couldn’t remember how I fared. So here’s another one, with the questions, the answers I gave and my comments (just so this would be a longer and less random sounding blog entry :D). Comments in italics. :)

Question # 1: Imagine that you are walking along a path. What do you see around you?
Answer: A yellow corn field against a brilliant blue sky.
Interpretation: (View on Self) You are intelligent, honest and sweet. You are friendly to everybody and don’t like conflict. Because you’re so cheerful and fun people are naturally attracted to you and like to talk to you.
I…have no comments. Haha. Really, I am? I can be pretty friendly, I guess. Cheerful most of the time. I’m not sure if people are “naturally attracted to me and like to talk to me” since I know I give off the “suplada” vibe. Or do I?

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Brrr Months

I was out today to buy clothes for tomorrow’s party. I used Sylvia to get me a Php 2000 worth outfit — black and silver bubble-skirt looking halter top (haha that’s all I can use to describe it), black leggings, underwear (hee) and black sandals. It’s supposed to be a Christmas party, but it’s Hollywood themed, so I guess this should do. No celebrities to copy, I just want to dress up for once. Hah. I know I’m probably going to get teased tomorrow by my oh-so-loving teammates, but I like what I bought. More spending tomorrow as I get a pedicure and my hair done (hot oiled and blow-dried or should I go for curls? But my hair is wavy already, I don’t want it to be frizzy). Cash or card? Cash. Maybe. Yes, I prepare too much for the party tomorrow, but it’s not a crime to actually get dressed right? :P Now if only I could motivate myself to exercise more…hmmm.

Has anyone noticed how cold it’s been lately? It started Tuesday this week, I think, when it was raining while I was on the way home. Now it’s not raining; it’s just cold. But I do like this cold weather since it would be easier to commute. Remember, it’s cold, not rain. I don’t like commuting when it’s raining…to think I used to love the rain. It’s not as cold as it is in the US, like in Las Vegas (does it even get cold there?), but it’s cold enough for a tropical country like the Philippines. Brrr.

The cold is a sure sign that Christmas is approaching…25 days to go! And yes, my Christmas spirit is here, especially after listening to all those Christmas songs they’re playing at the mall earlier. :) Yeah. I can’t wait for Simbang Gabi to start, and even to hear the carolers coming around (even if they sing the same song every single night). I can’t wait to start buying Christmas presents for people (and if you want to get me something too, here’s this year’s wishlist *wink wink nudge nudge*).

And then before we know it, this year’s ending and it’s 2008. And I’ll be turning 22. And I’ll be pressured more than ever to make that Sydney trip push through. Ah, I need to put all of these down on paper, yes?

I think I’ll go watch some Gossip Girl for a while. I will try to write a review of Enchanted ♥ by tomorrow if I have the time. :) This entry is so random, I like how it’s not laced with anything I worry about. :D

Have a nice Friday night everyone!

Writing memories in Florida

This is a sponsored post.

Back in elementary to high school, I used to write this story about a group of girls and their little adventures. Their adventures included my main protagonist moving into town and meeting new friends but turns out they weren’t good friends, forming clubs which are against each other, winning a trip to another country, ventriloquism, ice skating, a new guy joining their “club”, and of course, having famous cousins who keep on appearing in the stories like they’re not really busy people. :P

Eventually those stories evolved and I removed some characters and those iffy clubs, but they were still quite young and so Sweet Valley-ish. But can you blame me? I grew up with Sweet Valley books, I end up writing like that. ;) Of course, Sweet Valley is located in California while mine is all the way to the other coast, my favorite state (then), Florida. How I loved Florida then. ;)

Now time for some revelations. Who are those famous cousins? Yep, it’s the Backstreet Boys. :P My main protagonist was named Danielle Littrell, who is Brian Littrell’s first cousin and Nick Carter’s second cousin by baptism (yes, I made them Catholic :p). Danielle was supposed to be this rich and unspoiled girl with one of the biggest houses in their town. I even designed her house in one of the architecture programs we used to have. :P I was so fixated with Orlando, Florida because of the Backstreet Boys that I wanted to go there and there alone. Never mind if Tampa real estate may have better looking homes than Orlando, I wanted them to live there even if it’s highly unrealistic. :P

Hey, I’m the writer and I was still young when I wrote that, gimme a break. ;)

save our homes

Seasonal Shopaholic Strikes

This is an attempt not to write about them. :P

This is a follow up post of what I mentioned before, and how I’m holding up with the status of the things I need to buy. Here we go (photos to follow):

  1. I got myself two new work shoes. One black pointed flats from Auztralian and one white heeled one from Mario D’boro. I love the white one, and I plan to get the exact same style, only it’s in hot pink. :P Yes, I love pink. ;) I spent about Php1000 on it. :D
  2. My mom got me a new bag which is exactly what I need for work. Yay, no expenses here since it’s a pasalubong. Hahaha! But I love it! Just what I need for work. :D
  3. I finally got myself new sneakers…after almost a year of not buying one. This is the first pair of sneaks I will be paying with my own money (I love you, credit card!). It’s the much wanted Chucks – pink and white with pink hearts embroidered on the heel. :P
  4. Next week is jeans week at work, and I realized that the last pair of jeans I bought was back when I just graduated. How about that. Anyway, I realized that I am running out of jeans again, so today, I got two. :D Bench loves me, I got 2 pairs for Php 1000. Penshoppe jeans are too small now. :( Wait, I have more jeans at home, but they’re thin jeans, which means if I want to wear them again, I’m gonna have to lose these flabs first. *pouts*

Well that’s not bad. :) I’ve yet to buy a crystal case for Captain Tal, a dSLR and a new laptop. The latter ones are big and expensive, I know, but that’s why I save up for things, like the way some people save in buying real estate. That would have to wait until the end of the year, me thinks. ;)

If this post didn’t make sense half the time, I am sorry. I’ve been multitasking for the past three hours. :P Have a great week ahead!

Ten minute post

I’m supposed to upgrade my WordPress tonight but I don’t have time because I got home late and I want to sleep at 10:30 pm tonight, for a change. I’ve been trying to, really, but I always end up getting to bed at 11:30, which would make me have a hard time waking up and wish not to go to the gym, but I have to go to the gym.

And speaking of which, I have to pay for the gym within this month. The thing is, I have to pay 2,000 because my brother is also with me there and he already gave me his share of 1,000 but I spent it at Doulos. Now, I could wait for my next salary BUT I have to pay for February on January 27…but wait, we already paid for January…so that could last until the end of the month! Right? I hope so! Haha. That way, I could wait for the next salary and pay for the gym…that’s at the end of the month…that’s on…a Wednesday. Good. :)

It’s the first salary of the year and already I’m running low on funds. NOT GOOD. I need to save up for the next few days so my balance in my account wouldn’t go below 1K. Gah. That’s why I really am putting myself on a book ban/fast until June, so as I won’t have to spend anything on books. Until June. Why June? Because it’s OMF sale at June again. :P

I have two more minutes to this post and I still have to put the tags. Tomorrow’s another looooong day at work, and I have so many reports to finish and meetings to plan. Remind me next time to talk about passions, as in passions in life, and more on work and whatnot.

Oh and I still owe a post about forgiveness too.

I’ll get around to it.

Okay, one minute! Good night. :)

Bulleted # 1

  • It just occured to me that I didn’t really check how this site would look in IE because I’ve always been so used to Firefox. It doesn’t look bad exactly, just a bit…spacey. I must fix that. And work on a new theme as well. But for now, use Firefox! :) I’ll get to IE soon enough.
  • I convinced my mom to go to OMF Lit again earlier, so we oculd take advantage of their sale which would end tomorrow. In turn, I got four books! :) Yay!
    1. Searching for God Knows What by Donald MillerMixz recommended this book in her blog waaaay back and since then I’ve been on the lookout for it. I’ve seen Blue Like Jazz and I’ve been meaning to get a copy, but I wanted to get this book first. I thought I’d have to ask my dad to buy it for me, but turns out they have it at OMF. Yay!
    2. Blink by Ted Dekker – I was planning to buy The Circle Trilogy, but I couldn’t find a paperback version of Black. I didn’t want to buy only one book from the trilogy because that would leave me hanging, so I decided to buy Blink instead. Looks good, and from my experience with reading Thr3e, I think I won’t be disappointed in this book.
    3. Savannah from Savannah by Denise Hildreth – I needed another dose of Christian chicklit, and I was debating between Sisterchicks Down Under and My Life As a Doormat, but nothing quite fit what I wanted. Then i saw this, I liked it. And got it. :) Haha.
    4. Savannah by the Sea by Denise Hildreth – I just realized that I got the wrong book. Darn, this is the third book in the Savannah series, not the second. Darn it. Oh well, I’m gonna have to find a way to get the second one. Haha. :P At least I have this now, but I’m thinking of not reading this until I get the second one. Hmmm.
  • My dad’s going back to Saipan on Sunday. :( Is it just me or is there some kind of sad feeling here at home because of that?
  • I applied for my first job today, much thanks to Ganns‘ referral. Now I should get back to working on my portfolio.

Reviews for High School Musical (♥ ♥ ♥ ) and Thr3e coming up this week. :)