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What's on my desktop?

Some semi-mindless meme fun! :D Woooh! Ate Toni tagged me to share how my desktop looks like in this meme. I really liked hers, and I find it funny that she called me highly creative when my desktop is hardly creative at all. Just…fangirly. ;)

Anyway, here’s my desktop:

My Current Desktop

Yes, it’s almost been a month since that night, but the hype about them is not really that over. Or, I’m just too lazy to make my own wallpaper again (but that’s mostly because I can’t run Photoshop here without closing other applications so it won’t make me cry because of it’s slowness ^^; ). Anyway, I found this wallpaper from their Nothing is Sound download page (it’s hidden from their website; I’ll put up the link when I find it again :D). I love how this one looks, because it looks so candid, so relaxed. I love how Jon smiles as he strums his guitar, how Tim looks up to Chad and Drew, as if they just came out to jam with them and how Jerome…wait, Jerome is the only one who looks like he’s posing for a photo. Interestingly, if you look at Drew’s hand, it looks kind of blurred, so maybe it is candid? Sort of.

As for the icon placement…I’m very OC about my desktop and I hate icons cluttering it…this one is still kind of messy for my taste, with the RAR and torrent files on it. I’m just too lazy to organize them just yet. ^^;

Okay after all that blabbing…I must now tag five people. Hmmm. I tag JM, Riz, Fruityoaty, Jun and Joni. :D Instructions (and lots of links) under the cut. :D

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