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Hello, Kitchen

I cooked dinner tonight! :)

I’m not as good a cook as my brother is (who took culinary classes a year ago) so mostly all the cooking at home is done by my mom and my brother. I’m more of a baking person, actually, but that’s for another post. I can and like to cook, but I don’t cook…and believe me, that has gotten me into trouble. ^^; I know all about those cooking terms because I like watching shows on the Lifestyle channel…but to actually cook? Nah, no thanks.

Anyway, on our way home from Galleria today, my mom and I were talking about dinner and then she told me we’d just eat dinner at Sta. Lucia or something because she still has to go there. My feet, which has been on the go for the past few days, were already complaining and then my mom said that if I want I could go home already and then she suggested that I should cook dinner tonight.

Again, I don’t cook…but then again, why not?

So I went home ahead of her, and got set to work. I looked for some recipes online but I ended up making my own because I thought we didn’t have all the ingredients. An hour later…I got this:

Tuna Spaghetti

I know it doesn’t look that good on the picture; my camera’s not good with food photography, but believe me, it’s good! It’s tuna spaghetti sauce and spinach pasta plus garlic toast. :) It looks so Chrismas-y. Haha. Yum yum. :D

Yay for my first successfully cooked dinner. Maybe next time, I’ll do it again. I’ll have to learn how to make better (and healthy) meals, especially if my mom goes to Saipan again, that way my brother and I can still have non-fast food meals. :D

If you want to know how I made that, post a comment and I’ll email you the recipe. It’s sweet and sour with yummy bits of stewed tomato and tuna, and the bread makes an excellent companion for the pasta. :D Wohoo, my days watching the Lifestyle Channel is not wasted after all!