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Let The Music Heal Your Soul

Okay, let’s back down memory lane a bit. I confessed my love for the Backstreet Boys a couple of months back, and here I am with another confession (which I kind of mentioned before as well): I am a fan of The Moffatts. Yeah, yeah, I admit that I cried when a friend told me they really died shortly after their If Life is So Short video came out, and yes, I still feel sad that Dave Moffatt (my favorite one) is gay…but the entire “I love The Moffatts” thing is for another post. Anyway, I got back to this particular band because a friend posted a video of them from when God knows when…and it made me search for old mp3s and videos of them which brought me to this video:


Well, that was a long segue. Memories, anyone? In case you don’t know (GASP!), this is a video of Let the Music Heal Your Soul by Bravo All Stars. I remember squealing with delight when I first saw this video since it has both Backstreet Boys and The Moffatts. Then there’s me buying a tape of this compilation and singing the song with the instrumental version backup for Music class back in freshmen high school year. Ahh, memories!

Despite its cheesiness and its teenybopperishness, this is a pretty heartwarming song. :P And you just have to love how Brian (B-Rok) belts out his lines, and how Aaron Carter looks so totoy and how there’s this shot of him looking at a frame of his older brother Nick. I can’t get over the fact that the guys in the video move so much, with all the arm waving and such. I can’t pinpoint who the other artists were though, except for Gil Ofarim, The Moffatts and Justin Timberlake (where are the rest of the N Sync?).

Who can help me identify who’s who in the video? And what do you think of the song? Come on, let your teenybopper selves out now. ;)