That's My Answer! # 3

I’m trying to get myself to go back to blogging, but if you let me write, I will only write about them. Since I’m supposed to be on detox (even if I am still downloading their bootlegs), I will shush about them. For now. ;)

Anyway, here’s a question:

So, tell us, when do you need soothing? And, what soothes you?

When do I need soothing. Hmm. I’d say everyday, but not really. I’m really not a stressed person, or a stressful person. I do get stressed, but I just end up laughing it off. Or eating it off (now I know where all those flabs came from!).

I guess I need soothing on days when I’m really, really stressed, when I’m feeling all desperate and hopeless. It depends on what the situation is; when I’m really, really frustrated, I obviously need soothing. What kind? It depends as well. A good talk with friends over dinner or coffee usually does the trick. Or getting myself a new book. Or new shoes. Basically shopping. Listening to my favorite songs also helps. I’d travel as far as the Outer Banks, but that is if I have enough money for that (which I don’t).

But then, I’m a pretty easy person to please, so there’s really nothing too difficult to do to be able to de-stress/soothe me. :)