The 24th Birthday Wish List

AAAAND IT’S MARCH! Hello, favorite month.

Since it’s my favorite month, I’ve been thinking of starting another 30-day blogging challenge. We all know what happened why I didn’t get to finish my 30-day challenge last September. It’s a valid excuse, I know, but I still want to do that challenge again. I just need a name, and something to spice up the challenge. Hm. Let’s see. I can start tomorrow and end right at March 31, right?

But before anything else. There’s a lot of reasons why March will be awesome, but I need to get this out first. :P My brother has been bugging me about this list for some reason. It’s not the first time he’s asked for a wish list — in fact, we often have our own wish lists for Christmas and our birthdays, but this year, he was insistent and he kept on asking about it. So, without further ado, here’s my 24th birthday wish list. This isn’t only for my brother of course — if you’re kind and generous and wish to allow me some material indulgence on the day I turn 24, who am I to stop you? ;-)

Don’t worry, prices aren’t so expensive as KVM switches. ;)

And OMG, I’M TURNING 24. :o


The 24th Birthday Wish List


I know I’m fasting from buying books and going to any bookstore, but that doesn’t mean I can’t receive books as gifts. :) Oh, and I don’t care if it’s paperback or hardbound anymore — except for the Percy Jackson one. Paperback for that, please. :)

Okay, I know books will be the majority in my list. Eep! But if there’s a book you think I’d like reading, I’d like that too. :D


To be safe, I’m a medium! Gee, I love saying that. For pants — well you’d have to email me for the exact measurement. But if you don’t want to be bothered with the return/sizing, GCs are accepted. ;)

  • Slacks
  • Tops that are good for work
  • Dresses!
  • Jogging pants — I’m a medium!
  • Gym tops and shorts — you know the ones that flick sweat away? Something like that material? Yeah, that.
  • That’s What You Get Paramore hoodie. This is my anthem, I sweaaar. :P


Shoe size is 6. :) I don’t like it when I see the cuts of my toes (is that how to you call it? Basta, I want my toes fully covered when I wear closed shoes). I think I need more girly shoes, though. And a nice pair of flip flops. Oh, and new rubber shoes.

If all else fails, GCs. GCs are good. ;)

  • Gola Glaze flats — blue (available in Shoe Salon)
    Gola Glaze Flats
  • Classic pink Chucks, low cut.
    Pink Low Cut Chucks
  • Silver ballet flats. I don’t know why I chose silver, I just thought they’d look nice? :D
  • Nike Mary Jane 2. They’re pretty. ♥
    Nike Mary Janes 2
  • New rubber shoes — to be used in the gym, for running and dancing.
  • Flip flops — I don’t really care about the brand, as long as they’re comfortable. Brown or pink or black.
  • Cute socks. :P


  • Meet and Greet opportunity with Paramore when they get here for their concert. Or an autographed something from the band. This would definitely make my month.
  • Accessories. Bracelets, necklaces, rings? I’m not really an accessories girl, but since I’m back to dressing up (yay for losing weight, I guess? :p). I can’t exactly specify what I want, sooo…surprise me. :P
  • A watch. I can’t exactly explain what watch I want exactly, but I don’t like the big-faced ones, it makes my hands look even smaller than it is.
  • Blank notebooks. A My Philippines Moleskine would be nice, but it doesn’t have to be that expensive. :-)
  • Sharpie Ultra fine point permanent marker — any color except pink and purple.
  • Sharpie Fine Point Permanent Marker — any color except for black and blue and red. Rose and blue ice looks pretty. :)
  • Dry seal to label my books — like what Blooey has :D I can leave you to be creative with what label to put, as long as “Tina” or “Tinamats” (preferably the latter) is there. Oh and stars on the seal would be nice, too.
  • Cookie Monster doll from Toy Town — I’m serious. Okay, maybe not so, but it would be cute. I don’t want the ones that sing, or the ones that
  • Hair dryer with cold setting – because drying my hair with hot air (huh, rhyme), can be drying.
  • Speaking of hair…gift certificates for Azta salon/Bench Fix would be greatly appreciated. :)
  • Body Shop Lip & Cheek Stain – I’m running out.
  • Anything with stars *, or cats, or tigers.

Of course this list is all material. And of course, I’m also aware that some of the things I wrote there may not be available here…but yeah, just indulge me. Sometimes writing it down can dispel some wants, oooor it can also make things come true. Sort of. But I’m pretty easy to please, anyway, so if there’s something you think I’d like, or you want me to have or something like that, I appreciate those things too. Heck, a card with a heartfelt message would mean a lot. :P

But there’s nothing wrong with dreaming, too. Haha.

For the non-material list, well, you’ll have to read about that in my blogs in the next few days. :)

March, I declare that you’ll be awesome. I can feel it. ♥