The first day of the rest of my life

Tomorrow I join the work force.

Well that feels so final. Haha, I actually don’t know what I feel right now (except that I have this mild sore throat that I think I got from eating Nutella after lunch). I can say I’m nervous…but I don’t think I’ll feel it until tomorrow. I want to write how it really feels…but I can’t really make it out.

Hay. Oops, that just came out.

I guess I could say tomorrow is the first day of the rest of my life. I don’t think other people obsess about this as much as I do. I want to not think about it…but I can’t.

I’m sure everything will be okay tomorrow. Lord, please arm me with a friendly smile tomorrow. Haha, yes, amidst all worries, the thing I’m most worried about is that I won’t have friends at the office and I’ll end up eating my lunch alone or something. Shallow, eh? I’m not worried if I won’t be able to handle the work because I know that God would enable me to whatever task I face. I’m not the most sociable person (as far as I know, maybe my friends think otherwise) so I think about the relationships I’ll be making in my new environment.

Lord, please help me tomorrow. Help me to shine this light that You’ve given to me. Please make my first day all right.

Anyway, I better treat this sore throat and get ready for bed. I’m supposed to be at Ortigas at 8:30 am tomorrow. Pray for me? :) Thanks. :)