The Rainbow Connection

After that call I got yesterday for a job interview, another call came, this time from Sun Cellular. They called me last Monday but since I was out then, I told them I couldn’t go. I thought they gave up on me already, but they called about 30 minutes from my first call and got me an interview earlier today.

Needless to say, I was all nerves after that. I have no idea what to with interviews because I’ve never been interviewed for a job yet. I didn’t even volunteer for that mock interview during ORIENT2. I have to admit that I was mentally complaining about how things suddenly pick up from nothing to something, and I was wishing for some sort of “transition” from this. And then I stopped short, because I happened to read one of my recent posts…and to quote myself: “This is an uprooting and I should be thankful for it…because it would make me grow. So…bring it on, Lord!

And then I was like…Tina, you’re so fickle minded. Which is true. I was just telling Him to bring it on and after a few days of inactivity, I gave up on i already and when things picked up, I suddenly balked. I’m so hardheaded sometimes and I really find it amazing how God still sticks with me all throughout this. :) Amazing.

Rainbow Sighting - January 1, 2006The interview went well, and there’s much to pray about. I think I like it there…but let’s see with the interview tomorrow and this interview on Monday (I got a another call earlier for another interview…God, You’re funny). After the interview, I went around National Bookstore to buy myself a nicer envelope for my resume and transcript and all (I got so fidgety earlier that I ended up destroying my plastic envelope), and I chanced upon these Hallmark stickers with Bible verses on them. I saw one of them with a rainbow and this verse: “I have placed my rainbow in the clouds as a sign of my promise.” – Genesis 9:13 (LIV). I swear, I almost burst out crying my eyes filled with tears right in the middle of National Bookstore and I almost cried.

See, at the start of this year, my brother, his girlfriend and I were driving home from Galleria when we all saw a rainbow in the sky. Seeing the rainbow on any other day would be sort of normal, but seeing a rainbow on the first day of the New Year…that is different. Mind you, I don’t believe in signs anymore and I don’t ask God for signs like I used to…but this one was just so undeniable, it must be a sign from God. Back then my concerns were mostly about thesis and all, and that rainbow assured me that things will be okay. And it did turn out okay.

When I saw that sticker (which I bought, by the way), I remembered the rainbow I saw on the first day of the New Year and was reminded of His promise to me, that everything will be okay. Thesis is well over already, and I’m pretty sure that rainbow didn’t mean that God will take care of me during my thesis only…I’m pretty sure that His promise endures longer.

And to further affirm me, I received this message from my Y!M earlier:

“Step out of the boat, It may look like there is nothing underneath, but I will hold you up!” It may feel uncomfortable to walk on water, but the truth is, no pain, no gain! “Lord, help me to trust in You more deeply! Give me the courage to start walking by faith and not by sight!”

Ang funny Niyo talaga Lord. Always on time. :) And I love it! Okay, I’m saying it again: Lord, bring it on! I’m afraid, but I’ll trust You because You’re the only one I can really trust. Take me deeper, take me higher, take me wherever You want me to go. All for You, Father. Always for You. ♥