Thursday Thirteen # 4: Cartoons

Because I’ll be going to work next week, I’ll be missing my weekday dose of cartoons…so that is what my fourth Thursday Thirteen is going to be about. All the cartoons that I’ve loved and liked ever since I was a kid. :) Memory lane, here we go!

Thursday Thirteen # 4: Cartoons
Thirteen Cartoons I Like/Loved Since I Was a Kid:

  1. Bishoujou Senshi Sailormoon (image courtesy of
    Bishoujo Senshi Sailormoon.
    This has got to be my most-loved cartoon ever. I loved it from the first commerical that ABC-5 put on air. I watched it religiously; cried when I missed an episode and cried when the first season ended with all four of the Inner Senshi dead except for Sailormoon. I bought merchandise — toys, cards, action figures, paper dolls, pop-up dolls, coloring books, activity books, joined a local Sailormoon fans club, wrote fanfiction and even made my own senshi. I loved everything about Sailormoon, and to be honest, I kind of miss this series, especially when ABC-5 didn’t show the last season.
  2. As Told By Ginger (image by
    As Told By Ginger.
    I heard this one time at Nickelodeon, and I knew I was going to like it. I like how As Told By Ginger tackles more mature issues from other cartoons, and the fact that they actually change clothes there makes me feel like they’re real people. The characters are far from perfect and they evolve as the episodes go on. I also love how Ginger could be so full of wisdom from all the things she learns in her life. :) In fact, I named my laptop after Ginger Foutley. :DOne of my favorite As Told By Ginger quotes is at the very last episode, The Wedding Frame. Okay, wait, make that two favorite quotes because they’re both too amazing not to post here:

    “…That’s what life is all about. You know we’re not put in this earth to live perfect lives, where we never get hurt, never make mistakes. We’re put here to hurl ourselves head first into this crazy world, and the bruises and scrapes you get along the way, it just means you’re living the life!” – Lois Foutley

    “And if time teaches anything in from this crazy world, it’s that nothing worth having ever comes easy.” – Ginger Foutley

  3. Martin Mystery
    Martin Mystery.
    At first I didn’t like this series because I thought it was corny…but then I caught an episode and I liked it! I started getting hooked on it and now it’s one of my early morning routines (10:00am on Disney Channel). I love Martin’s comical attitude, Diana’s logic and most of all, Java’s caveman cuteness. :D Have you noticed that Java the Caveman’s eyes disappear when he smiles? So cute! :D
  4. Sky Dancers. Back when we were kids, we’d always have a race on who was to claim the best character in a cartoon series. Whoever says, “Ako si [name of character here] (I’ll be [name of character])” will be able to claim the best one there. That was why I didn’t like Starla and the Jewel Riders because I didn’t get to claim my favorite one there. Sky Dancers‘ airing followed Starla and then I was able to claim Angelica as my character there. I liked her simply because she was blonde, and I like her love team with Breeze. I didn’t get to finish the series because of school, though.
  5. Hey Arnold!
    Hey Arnold!
    It was one night at home that I started watching this series, and to be honest, I kind of crushed on Arnold. Haha. I love this series because it’s just so fun to watch; with Arnold’s niceness and Gerald and Helga’s rants and meanness. My favorite character would have to be “ever so sweet” Lila. :) I got to watch the full-length movie and I loved it when Helga professed her love for Arnold and kissed him. :))
  6. Totally Spies
    Totally Spies. I can’t remember where I first watched it, but I knew I liked it immediately. I like Sam the most among the three of them and even if most stories are redundant and linear. I have to admit, though, the spies really are fashionable and almost too perfect. This series also inspired me to want to write a spy novel.
  7. Kim Possible (image by Wikipedia)
    Kim Possible. Since we had Disney Channel a bit too late at home, I got to know Kim Possible a bit too late. Needless to say when I got to know her, I started to like the series because it is just so darn cool. :D The series gives off the ultimate teen hero thing: overachiever, cheer squad captain (which shows she’s not exactly homely), the loyal best friend and sidekick plus being the hero on the move without having any fancy costume. Who wouldn’t love to be Kim Possible???
  8. Sara, ang munting prinsesa
    Sara, ang Munting Prinsesa. This is the Japanese adaptation of A Little Princess by Frances Hodgson Burnett. This is one of the best series when I was a kid and I watched this entire series in ABS-CBN. :D Sarah is the perfect paper doll, if you ask me. :D
  9. Remi (image by Animax)
    Remi (Nobody’s Child). I got hooked on this summer before sophomore year high school. It’s also one of the ABS-CBN morning cartoons before. There’s this other version of this, the one with the boy but I liked the girl version better. Plus I liked the entire Remi-Mattia thing. :D This is being shown in Animax now.
  10. Fushigi Yuugi. I got to watch this during the time that anime was the rave in the country. I got to watch this at AXN and I liked the storyline. I really didn’t like Miaka though and I often wondered why they all fell in love with her. And I LOVE Tasuki. :D
  11. Danny Phantom
    Danny Phantom. This is one of the NickToons I really loved besides As Told By Ginger. The concept is quite original, the characters are funny (I really like Sam; in fact I named my iPod after her). The story is quite original too, and as I have heard, Danny Phantom has the most evil NickToon movie ever. I wish this show is popular though, so there would be more websites about it.
  12. American Dragon Jake Long (image by
    American Dragon Jake Long.
    When I saw the preview of American Dragon Jake Long, the first thing I noticed was it was like Danny Phantom, only Jake is half dragon instead of half-ghost and instead of seeing ghosts, it’s all on magical creatures. The series is quite good though. Jake is less angsty than Danny, though Trixie is a lot like Sam with regards to the nonconformist thing. I like the Huntsgirl/Rose and Jake angle though. :)
  13. The Emperor's New School
    The Emperor’s New School. And finally! There is only one cartoon series that can make me laugh out loud and this is it! This show has got to be the funniest cartoon I’ve ever watched, including both movies. I love all characters: Kuzo, Malina, Kronk, Yzma, Pacha, even the teacher! My weekend is not complete without my dose of Kuzco and company. :D

Well, that was fun. :D This is a long post too, much thanks to the pictures. :D

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