To the "Glucose" of the "Fructose" :p

Happy Birthday, Mito!

I bet everyone still says this when they first meet you: you look like a drug addict. Haha. But seriously, the first time I met you, you looked like one too. :P And what surprised me then was you weren’t smoking that time. Aha, contradiction! :)

We started to get to know each other during RELSTWO class, when we’d end up laughing at whatever Dr. Gaerlan would be saying in class. Then it’s FYI CD Days and then ISTECH2 days. I have never seen such a mess like your place, but we had some good memories in your house, with Micko and Marfel and all other people who also stayed there. :P

You’re the person who created issues with me just for the heck of it, and fed on the issues until we laughed ourselves silly. You’re the one who gave me my worst nickname ever — Fetus. Haha. You were also my “editor”, who makes my stories cheesier and then twists them into something morbid for your taste. :P

And how could I forget the dorm days, when you became the semi-permanent extension and roommate in our dorm? Haha. That sure made my dorm stay interesting. :P

But seriously, you are one of my dearest friends in college. I knew that I’d always hear an honest comment from you, and that even if you say you’re all bad, you still have good blood inside of you. :) Don’t you dare deny it! And that you’d always stick to a friend’s side no matter what (except siguro kung ninakawan ka ng pera. :P).

Kaya halika na at tumawa! Labo, pero tawa tayo..yung tawa na walang tigil! Hahaha. :P HAPPY BIRTHDAY, MITO!!! Hoy manlibre ka naman na! :P Haha, joke. :) Sana pag sikat na sikat ka na hindi mo pa rin ako makalimutan. :P