Weekend madness

How was your weekend?

Mine was crazy. I only got to really rest by Sunday night and I didn’t sleep early that night too. Boo.

Saturday started early. My plans for that day started unraveling by Friday night, and I found myself praying to God, asking Him to fix everything. I admit, I didn’t really pray for my plans on Saturday; I just made them and that’s it. I woke up early Saturday morning to make up some battle plans in case the original ones didn’t push through…but everything fell into place eventually. :)

So Saturday morning, I hitched a ride with my brother to meet Tuesday and Rina at Cityland to get this:

Hillsong United in Manila, November 21, 2006

Yes friends, that is what you think it is! Six court seat tickets to Hillsong United in Manila on November 21! To those who’ve heard and wonder if it is true, well, yes it is true. :) It’s the worship event of the year! Wohoo! Praise God! :)

Oh yeah, I blurred the seat numbers on our tickets. But a telltale letter at one of the tickets at the back shows what row we will be sitting in. :)

After getting our tickets (wohoo), we went to the Mall of Asia for the Gawad Kalinga Expo. It was the first GK activity I’ve attended since last June. I can’t believe I missed so much.

Anyway, we hung out at the NCR house until lunch, talked with some of the PSG’s hanging out there (because apparently, PGMA would be there after lunch). Then we went to the mall to eat lunch and then went back to the Expo grounds to roam around and such. Rina and I ended up being “floaters”, as we waited for the GKY in DLSU to get to their positions for the parade. Funny, because I wore blue that day, intending to join the SFC for the parade. When I saw the DLSU crowd all in green, they were all, “Why are you wearing blue?!” and I just laughed. I ended up hanging out with them, and thankfully, GKY-DLSU and GKY-Ateneo marched beside each other so I wasn’t really left out. :P

I was supposed to leave early, around 4:00pm, for Jamie’s debut. Around the time I was supposed to go already, I realized I didn’t have my house keys, and my mom was also at the Expo, so if I go home, I wouldn’t be able to enter the house anyway. I ended up riding home with my mom and her CFC friends. Jamie’s debut starts at 7:00pm and I left MoA at that time. I got home at 8:10, got dressed and then my mom accompanied me to Eastwood (because she wasn’t comfortable with the thought of me riding a taxi alone). She waited for me at McDo while I got to Jamie’s debut on time. I got back at her around 11:30pm, and we waited for my brother, who arrived at around 1:00am. I was really tired then, so I slept a bit at McDo and crashed when I got home.

Sunday, my mom asked me to accompany her to my cousin’s wedding at Baclaran. I didn’t want to at first, because I was so tired, but I figured we would be able to go home before it gets dark, so I joined her. We rode the MRT to Taft and since I have no clue whatsoever where to ride to get to Baclaran, we almost got lost. We got there just before the bride’s families arrived. I got to see some of my elder male cousins from my father’s side again, as well as some of the younger girls too. And like what I mentioned before, we didn’t really talk to each other. Except for my two younger cousins who sat across me, and we just end up making small talk.

It was fun, though. Ate Joy, one of my eldest cousin’s wife, asked me to be the godmother of their second child, Sean (who is just soooo cute). He’s going to be my first godchild, how about that. :) I think in some ways, I’m sort of closer with my paternal cousins, but then again I think it’s because we got to see each other more often than my maternal cousins. Hopefully, come Sean’s baptism time, we’ll be able to talk more. :P

After the wedding, my mom brought me to Baclaran church to pray and hopefully to hear mass if we could catch one. We prayed the rosary and while she prayed, I slept on her shoulder. There was a mass at 3:30pm, so we stayed. There were so many people! It’s a big church, and it reminds me a bit of Antipolo church, with the high ceiling, lots of entrances and lots of people. I even saw some people walking on their knees after the mass.

I wasn’t particularly excited on being at Baclaran Church, even with all the fame it held. Probably because I was tired already, and all I want to do then was to go home and sleep. Or maybe because there’s so many people and I was very paranoid on getting mugged. Crowd reflex, I’m sorry. ^^; Maybe next time, when I get proper sleep, I’d be all hyped up…but also maybe not. I don’t know. I like small and quiet chapels or at least smaller churches.

So after Baclaran, my mom and I went home. We stopped by Gateway Mall to eat (BK Chicken Burger with Cheese! Yum! :9) and then rode the Megatren home. We got back at around 7:15pm, just in time for me to settle down in my brother’s room and watch DCOM’s Read It and Weep.

What a tiring weekend. I got to sleep at around 11:00pm with all intentions of waking up early to get some workout done but my eyes refused to cooperate with me as I woke up. Oh well. I’m sporting some eyebags again, and hopefully I’ll be able to rest more tonight.

Work again! I’m still waiting for an email I’ve been waiting for since last Friday. I hope it arrives before lunch so I could fix the form and process it after lunch. But now, as I wait…I will continue reading. :P Happy Monday everyone!

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