On being "Manang"

I was supposed to write a more detailed movie review of High School Musical (♥ ♥ ♥ ) but I’m a bit too tired to write one and I think it deserves a more in-depth and focused review from me. After all, it is my favorite movie. ;) So I’ll get to writing it tomorrow.

I just got home a couple of hours earlier from the Couples for Christ’s 25th Anniversary at Luneta. Because it was raining, we all ended up standing the entire, what, 5 hours since I got there? Not to mention all the walking we did. I acted as a tour guide to my parents and their friends as we rode the Megatren and the LRT to UN Avenue and then they were the ones who led me to Luneta. Then I looked for people I know and ended up staying with my newfound Singles for Christ (SFC) friends. Wait, correction, I decided to hang out with my new SFC friends.

Last night, I became an official SFC. Well, technically, I’ll be an official SFC member in two weeks, but last night was the SFC’s Commitment to Christ ceremony and pray over, which is almost the same as the YFC one. Of course, the big difference this time around was that I didn’t cry as much as I did before. In fact, the pray-over was pretty calm. It didn’t exactly move me to so many emotions; I was just happy to feel loved by the people that God sent to take care of me in SFC. :)

I also discovered a part of me yesterday that I realized I’ve been denying all along. See, I always thought I was a funny person and all that. I mean, I make jokes, laugh a lot and whatnot…but then I realized that I was more of a serious person. Not serious boring type, but serious sometimes quiet listening type. Haha. Did I make sense? I guess I do have my funny moments, but they’re not as much as some other people I know. And I guess that’s where my being Manang comes in. Oldie. Elderly.

I don’t mind, really. Though sometimes, I do feel like I couldn’t ride with what other people are doing..then again, I really don’t do those things anyway — like bar hopping for instance. Call me manang again, but I’d rather read books at home or just hang out at a coffee shop or someplace else just talking. No loud music and bars and dancing for me (with music that could give me headaches that will make me look for migraine headache treatment), thank you very much.

I’ve mentioned this before on my old blogs: I have no night life. And I don’t mind. :)

Anyway, so earlier, I was set to find my YFC South A friends. Then I realized that I should help myself move on and fit in with the SFC East A. I figured that I should start getting to know my SFC brothers and sisters because if I continue to stick with YFC, I would have a hard time moving on. So I looked for them, found them and hung out with them until the worship. It was fun. I was mostly hanging out with Bogs, Ate Claudin and Pinky, but I got to talk to other people too, like Kuya Raymond, Ate Normi and Ate Carol. We had lots of pictures too, and it was just like YFC, only with a different title, of course. And yes, it was fun. :) It felt nice not having to worry about any member anymore and let people “fawn” over you. Haha.

I left earlier than them because I thought I had to lead my group (a.k.a. my parents and their CFC friends) back to the LRT, but it turns out they were the ones who toured me around Recto — sort of. My newfound SFC friends are probably on their way home from Star City right now, which is the fellowship plan today. Next time, I’ll be there. :)

I want to have a household already. :P Haha, I can’t wait.

I think I better hit the bed already because I’ve been lacking sleep since this morning. Plus I want to get some Ted Dekker reading in before I go to dreamland. God’s night everyone. :)