What Happened When I Was Fifteen?

Again, thanks to Rico for the idea. :)

Fifteen years into this Earth caught me in my last year of high school. Junior year ended okay, but I was ready to leave school for a summer filled with lots of YFC activities. Unlike my other friends who went for summer review classes for college entrance exams at AHEAD, I went off to different YFC activities all summer. I went to Cebu for the 8th YFC International Leader’s Conference, to Bataan for the KFC International Kids Village, led different youth camps, and had everyday bonding sessions with my YFC friends at this house. This was undoubtedly the busiest summer I’ve ever had, and most summer days weren’t spent at home. I would wake up at 10, go out at 2 and go back at around 10 to 11 at home. I did this every single day until the summer ended.

Then came senior year in high school, which is the best year I’ve ever had in high school. I was all set to make the most out of it since it’s my last year in high school. I could say that my section, St. Paul, is the best section among all, but of course that’s subjective. :p Our senior class was bonded mostly because we lost two of our classmates early in the year. They were caught with liquor during our field trip, and they were expelled. :( We promised our adviser that the remaining 33 in our class would all graduate together, and after that we were all doing our best to help each other up. :) And come graduation day, all 33 of us marched onstage proudly, remembering two of our classmates who didn’t make it with us.

My fifteenth year was also another year of…well, crushes. ;) Haha, I was so…fixated with this guy that everyone knew about it (I had the guts because the guy wasn’t in the same school :p) and I had a nickname for that. Yaaak. I had a really great set of friends who never tired of my ranting, though. ;)

I was also set to start college at this year too. I passed UP, ADMU and DLSU, but the one that thrilled me the most was the DLSU results, because DLSU has always been my dream school since junior year. :)

Oh, and before I forget! I started blogging at this year too. :) Well, actually, I started blogging before that, but it was deepened the next few months because I used it as my outlet. I loved maintaining my website and writing, and that was why I wanted to take up Computer Science in college.

My fifteenth year was the year I learned how to call on God, how to stretch myself a bit and that I can do anything once I put my mind and heart into it. I learned to call on God everytime, and I started to take little steps on my own to follow my dream. :) I was crush-sick again, but I learned a lot of lessons on it which I don’t think I would have learned if I didn’t go through it.

My fifteenth year was the year before I really started maturing. At least, I think so. I felt that being sixteen is the real start of the teen years, and being fifteen was my farewell. It was well-spent, and I will always remember my fifteenth year fondly. =)

9 days to go!