When Boredom Strikes (Episode 1)

Ever since the Blog Parteeh, I noticed that my blog’s traffic increased. I blame it on meeting new people who are actually interested in reading other people’s blogs because they own one. I’ve been finding more motivation to blog and to find interesting things to blog about (I actually have a list of things to blog in my planner, so I won’t forget). It’s nice to be able to practice my writing and learn about new things through this.

Since I can’t possibly visit every blog every day, I decided to go ahead and use an RSS feed reader which I can access everywhere. I used to have Feed Reader installed in my laptop but I couldn’t install it in the office so I couldn’t exactly make use of it anymore. I decided to go web based, and among all feed readers I chose, it’s hello to Google Reader. :)

But I won’t be talking about Google Reader here because it’s pretty much straightforward (just like Gmail, only it’s for RSS) and I don’t want to bore you. Earlier today, I added some Google feed bundles and here are some of the interesting stuff I found (which is hereby christened: When Boredom Strikes :P):

  • Intermittent Internet? Here’s Five Six Things To Do With a PC When You Have No Internet Connection. Interesting and quite useful. I should do those one of these days, even if my Internet’s normal. [Digg]
  • Did you know that more water is used in the production of a plastic bottle than the water it contains? Pablo Calculates the True Cost of Bottled Water. [Digg]
  • February 14 is fast approaching, and by next week, we’d be seeing the color red all over…why is the color red so powerful anyway? Learn more about it by clicking on the link. [Digg]
  • I want to do the same thing to my roof in the future. But maybe I’ll choose another cartoon character. Rainbow Brite? [Google Sightseeing]
  • How about this? The World’s Smallest Parks. Mills End Park is kind of…well, small! How did they even classify this one as a park being that small? It’s like a small section of a sidewalk in our village. [Google Sightseeing]
  • I love the Snickers chocolate bar, but since I live in a place where there is no Snickers commercial or Superbowl, I didn’t know about their controversial commercial being pulled off air. Interesting but IMHO the commercial’s kind of weak in terms of enticing the consumer. Or maybe it’s just me, since I’m not amused with these kinds of things. If you want to watch the commercial, just search for it yourself. :P
  • This isn’t from Google Reader technically, but I read his post there first. :P So wait, it is from Google Reader. Anyway, Elber posted some interesting links in his Link Love post for February 6. As opposed to the other people I know, I’m not an 80’s kid since I was born late 80’s…most of my memories were in the 90’s, and Back to the Nineties is the perfect site for me to reminisce! Read about old TV Shows such as Full House (as in Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen), Sailormoon, Gimik, TGIS, old places such as Glico’s or even old bands and magazines such as BOP! There’s even something about Choki Choki! Come on, don’t tell me you don’t know that! :P My mom used to buy a box of that at Makro. :)
  • Dropping by Apples‘ site one time (through Google Reader, yes) led me to this: Sunday Reflections. It’s a blog filled with reflections for every Sunday of the year. Inspiring stuff, makes you learn more about the Gospels and Filipino Catholic traditions.

I hope by the time you’re done with this, you’re not bored anymore. :P Aaaah, this was fun! I’m going to make this link post a regular. :P

Oh yeah, and I now have an answer to this question I posted before. :) I’ll reveal what I chose in the next few days, when I get and pay for the unit. :D Yay yay! But for now, bed time! Thursday tomorrow, yay! It’s almost Friday!

Good night! :)