Who is Triskal?

Triskal I’ve mentioned Triskal a couple of times in my past posts, and I haven’t formally introduced him to you (although you may have a hint already). :) Friends, this is Triskal:

Yes, that’s Triskal over there, a 30GB Black iPod video. :) I got him last Monday in a really amusing way which I call, “Day of the Fast”. Or it could be called Cyber Monday, too, since it seemed to be a day full of gadgets.

First off, my brother sold his 40GB iPod the other Saturday to his officemate. That night, he called me and asked me if I was planning to sell Star, my pink 4GB iPod mini. Our iPods are both 2 1/2 years old — ran through a lot of unit and headphone replacement and used up Apple Care nicely. My brother and I were planning to get new ones but not really soon because of the budget constraints.

Monday lunchtime, my brother called me and asked if I want to sell my iPod that same day. He told me that we’d also be able to buy new ones that night, and he told me that because I’d have to give up Star right after lunch. Quick thoughts and I gave it up with me feeling much stunned after — my iPod’s gone and I haven’t even made a proper farewell! :(

Anyway, that night, my brother and I set off to Megamall to check out which iPod videos fall within our budget. Our plan was to get one for each of us, pay 10K cash (the cash we got from selling our iPods) and swipe the remaining balance on our card — an extension, really — and we’ll pay it off every month with one price, thanks to 0% interest plan. Our budget was 15K per iPod, not more than that because if it reaches more we’d be bankrupt. :P

After much searching, my brother and I found two stores which sell within our price range — Silicon Valley and Apple Center. Apple Center’s price was more expensive by 1K but we ended up buying there. Why? Well, it’s mostly because of security, and the name where we’re buying our iPod. Apple Center is still Apple Center, after all. We’ll be paying P100 more from Silicon Valley’s monthly, but it’s okay.

And that is how I got Triskal. But why Triskal?

Triskal is one of the angels in Frank E. Peretti‘s This Present Darkness, which is where I got Captain Tal‘s name too. Triskal is one of the angels in Captain Tal’s army. He’s the angel who was in charge of taking care of Pastor Hank and Mary, who got assaulted by demons and got angry at the demon Lust. I think he was also the angel who was in assigned to be in charge of Ashton in the sequel, Piercing the Darkness. Yes, I think I may be speaking in Greek right now — I’ll lend you a copy of the book or give you a copy of the audiobook if you’re curious. :)

So the next time the Pinoy Bloggers raffle out an iPod video…you can count me out from the competition now. [Hears cheers everywhere] Triskal’s enough, thankyouverymuch. :)