Your most attractive features are your heart and soul

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Yesterday, I met up with Pau to go to Robinson’s Junction for Chris‘ early birthday surprise. He was surprised even if he knew he was going to be surprised (much thanks to Toni’s missent message). We met up at Mocha Blends right beside Teletech and then ate half of his small Black Forest cake. Haha. Of course, since he has work, we cut the celebration short until Saturday, when we’ll be having a brunch somewhere in Eastwood.

Wow, sosyal. :P

Anyway, on our way to Robinson’s, Pauleen and I were talking and I was sharing with her some of my job hunting woes. What she said kind of surprised me: “I don’t know why you’re so afraid of not having a job. I know for a fact that you’d get a job like that, so why were you so worried?”

I had to smile what she said. Is that what people see in me? Or at least, what my high school friends see in me? When I think about my college years, it feels so far away already; what more for high school? It feels like it’s eons ago, and sometimes I don’t think I even know who the person I was back then. Well, okay, so maybe I do, but I can’t get over the fact that I was so immature back then (aren’t we all?). It’s just funny and flattering how Pau put me in a much higher level than I did myself.

Anyway, I was reading an old online friend’s past blog to pass time here, and I find myself smiling at how youthful she was. Well, she is still quite energetic and youthful as she has been, but things are a lot different for her now. And I also saw how much she went through and I wasn’t really there for her. We used to be really good friends way back. That’s the thing about having online friends: when you lose contact, you end up drifting apart. Maybe that’s why I’m not so keen on making online friends as much as I used to…because I know eventually, I’ll lose touch with them (because I really suck at doing so) and we’d barely say hi to each other when we “see” each other online after.
That was so negative, I know.

It’s just an hour and a half here at work, and to be honest, I really want to go home already. This week has been blah so far.

I should make a new layout. Like soon.