Quarter-Life Wants

Also known as: The 25th birthday wish list

You know what is the most useful thing that people make for Christmas and birthdays (and sometimes, even Valentine’s Day)? Wish lists. While I always appreciate surprises and people who know me so well that they know what to give me without having to rely on any wish list, I find that it’s always fun (and helpful) to make a wish list. Because at some point, people do consult this, and sometimes I end up getting them on my own.

Jumping off from the Law of Attraction post and from what I did last Valetine’s Day and the fact that my brother is waiting for me to post this…I present the 25th birthday wish list. :)

Oh, and it’s exactly 10 days until I turn 25. :)

Something I ask prayers/thoughts for:

Meaning, I don’t think anyone can give this to me except for the issuing people, so, prayers and thoughts will be appreciated. :)

  • Schengen Visa for WYD 2011 – self-explanatory. I’ll worry about the airfare later, need the visa first. Prayers, please? :)