Also known as: Celebrating two centennial celebrations

Today I join two communities in celebrating 100 years of existence. :)

DLSU 100

Today De La Salle University celebrates its 100 year presence in the Philippines. DLSU has always been my dream college in high school. Despite the distance, the school system and all the failed grades I got (just 3, anyway) there, I know I spent four of my best years in the green halls of Taft. :) I’m proud to be a Lasallian. Too bad I wo’t be able to go to the celebration tonight because of work, and I didn’t get to wear green. I am wearing a green bracelet though — the sentiment counts? :)

There were times when I wondered if I should have chosen another path back in college, like a different school (since I did pass the top 3 universities), but I know I wouldn’t be who I am now if it wasn’t for my Lasallian education. And I’m happy with who I am now. :) Like what that song said, “If I were to live my whole life again, I’d still want to be a Lasallista pa din.” Green and proud!

Animo La Salle! Live Jesus in our hearts, forever. :)

* * *

And then, what do you know, the company I’m working for is also celebrating its centennial year today!